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Avid Pro Tools Tutorial: Keyboard Shortcuts

Matt Hibbard

Don’t waste you or your client’s time by slaving around on a mouse. Utilize keyboard shortcuts into your workflow to complete your project faster.

Avid Pro Tools

When editing or presenting your project to a client, the last thing they want to wait around for is an engineer with a slow workflow. Keyboard shortcuts can exponentially cut your editing time down, compared to editing without shortcuts. Never go back to editing the long way again or using a mouse to perform time-intensive edits. Let’s take a look at what this tutorial covers:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Workflow suggestions
  • Editing tips

This video is provided by ThePureMixTutorials on their YouTube channel.


Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s a few of our favorite shortcuts for Pro Tools…

Horizontal Zoom on Selection Opt + F
Full Horizontal Zoom Out Opt + A
Zoom In or Out Cmd + [ or ] R or T
Zoomer Tool Cmd + 1
Track Height Ctrl + (Opt) + Up or Down
Waveform Height Opt + Cmd + [ or ]
Fit All Tracks to Screen Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + Up
Full Horizontal Zoom Out Opt + A
Mute Shift + M
Solo Shift + S
Record Shift + R
Input Monitoring Shift + I (HD) or Opt + K (record enabled)
Duplicate Track Shift + Opt + D
Duplicate Region Cmd + D
Repeat Region Opt + R
New Tracks Dialog Shift + Cmd + N
Track Type Cmd + Left or Right
Track Format Cmd + Up or Down
Add Field Cmd + ‘+’
Consolidate Regions Shift + Opt + 3
Export Regions Shift + Cmd + K
Select Unused Regions Shift + Cmd + U
Clear Selected Regions Shift + Cmd + B (option to remove all)

Shortcut Keyboards for Pro Tools

For professionals wanting to take their workflow to the next level, there are keyboards available that have the editing functions and advanced controls printed right on the keys. This is a great way to quickly start integrating these shortcuts into your editing workflow. Pretty soon, they’ll become second nature.

Pro Tools Keyboard

What’s the one Pro Tools shortcut you can’t live without?
Share in the comments below.