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Content Aware Fill with Video Using AE and Photoshop

Danny Greer

Quickly do a rig or object removal in your video using this content aware fill script.

Photoshop After EffectsDid you know you can leverage Photoshop’s powerful content aware tool to intelligently remove objects out of your video frame?  The gang over at MotionBoutique.com has released a script that can quickly make objects in your video image disappear.

To use the content aware fill feature on your video you’ll have to first open up your clip in After Effects as an image sequence and run a motion tracker on the footage.  AE will generate a script that you can run in Photoshop to take advantage of that app’s very useful content aware fill feature.

Photoshop processes the video image and attempts to determine what the image would have looked like if the object removed wasn’t in the original shot.  It then uses this data to intelligently fill in the removed area of the image.  See the video example from MotionBoutique:

There are other apps and plugins designed for high-end motion tracking and rig removal (see: Mocha) but this is an interesting alternative for users already accustomed to working in Photoshop.  Although not too complicated to execute, being a seasoned  Photoshop and AE user is beneficial to running through this process.

Download the content aware fill script (free!) from MotionBoutique, as well as instructions on how to execute it.

Tip off from LesterBanks.com who first reported this cool script!