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13 Products You Wish You Had In Your Video Editing Suite

Danny Greer

Top of the line computers, a library of cutting-edge visual effects and some of the most ergonomic furniture ever created…check out this roundup of dream video editing gear!

Imagine if you could afford all of the leading post-production tools for your own personal edit suite.

What’s on your dream gear list?

If money was not an issue, THIS is how we’d deck out an edit suite!
See what post-production gear made our list and share your dream picks in the comments below!

Computing, Storage & Displays

proMAX Mac Pro Apple Mac Pro 12-Core Dual 2.93GHz
$9,749 – This Apple tower from proMAX was customized specifically with the video editor in mind. 64GB of RAM make it a beast at processing and a great workstation for the Avid, Premiere or FCPX editor.  Imagine blazing fast edit sessions on this CPU!
Eizo ColorEdge Monitor Eizo ColorEdge 27″ Monitor
Approx $3200 – This high-end broadcast monitor from Eizo was designed for color grading and non-linear editing. Significant features include a digital device emulator (see how your image would look on an iPad for instance), self-calibration settings and 10-bit simultaneous display.  Pretty awesome.
Apple Cinema Display Apple LED Cinema Displays (x2)
$1,998 – These 27″ Cinema Displays from Apple provide a crystal clear image and ton of screen real estate for your photo and video projects.  They’re not cheap, but they pair well with the Apple CPU and they’ve got a really wide viewing angle.
AJA Io Express
$995 – The AJA Io Express is a powerful video input/output device that’s designed for monitoring and mastering. Designed to work with Avid, FCP and Adobe Creative Suite, the Io is capable of handling a variety of HD/SD video outputs and conversions.  Little box – tons of options.

Audio Monitoring

Genelec Monitor Genelec 1038B (x2)
$16,478 – If you want the top in post-production audio monitoring, these refrence speakers from Genelec fit the bill.  Priced at over $8,000 A PIECE, these three-way active monitors provide accurate audio reproduction.  An added bonus for editors: they are magnetically shielded for use near video monitors.
Genelec Active Subwoofer Genelec  7271A Subwoofer
$6,129 – $7k may seem like a ton for good bass, but pair this awesome subwoofer with the Genelec speakers and you’ve got an unparalled audio setup for your editing suite.

Edit Suite Furniture

Martin & Ziegler Ergo Duet Desk Martin and Ziegler Ergo Duet 68
$3995 – 
This may be the perfect video editing desk. The Ergo Duet comes complete with a monitor bridge (that can accommodate two computer monitors PLUS a reference monitor). Sitting all day can be draining, so instead reduce fatigue by activating the electronic height adjustment. Goes from true sit down to all-out standing desk in a matter of seconds.
Herman Miller Embody Chair Herman Miller Embody Chair
Approx $1400 – This chair actually claims to “boost creativity” by keeping your body in motion. The Embody moves and adapts to your body’s position, improving oxygen and blood flow. This chair is a dream in day-long edit sessions.

Editing Accessories

Wacom Intuos5 Wacom Intuos5
$229-789 – Take your editing to new heights with this big pen tablet from Wacom. Whether you’re working in an NLE, touching up images in Photoshop or creating graphics in After Effects, a pen tablet will likely speed up your workflow. Editors that use them regularly tend to swear by them.
Bella Pro Video Editing Keyboard Bella Corporation Pro Series Editing Keyboard
$139.95 – 
This keyboard is designed specifically for the video editor, with speciality keys, a task light and even an integrated jog shuttle. Bella makes a specific keyboard for FCP7, FCPx, Vegas and Media Composer. We’re adding this one to the list for it’s productivity increasing powers!

Color Correction and Effects

DaVinci Resolve Control Surface DaVinci Resolve with Control Surface
$29,999 – 
The Resolve software my come in at just under $1,000 but if you’re REALLY serious about color correction you’re going to want the full DaVincivi Resolve Control Surface!  The surface has been designed with the pro colorist in mind and takes advantage of all the color correction tools that Resolve has to offer.
GenArts Sapphire GenArts Sapphire
$600-$5,000 – Sapphire is arguably the premiere visual effects plug-in for video editing, so no doubt it made this “dream” list.  Used in such films as X-Men, Lord of the Rings and the Matrix, Sapphire offers over 220 highly customizable effects.  The price for the package is dependent on the NLE or motion graphics application you use it with.
 Magic Bullet Suite  Magic Bullet Suite
$799 – Give your video it’s own distinct look with this awesome plug-in pack from Red Giant Software.  The suite includes all 9 of the Magic Bullet stand-alone applications including Mojo, Colorista and Looks.  This made our list because it’s a full-featured toolset that’s great for giving any project a sleek high-end look.

What dream gear would YOU want?  Let us know in the comments!