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DSLR Video Shooting in Low Light & Nighttime Conditions

Danny Greer

DSLR cameras shoot better in low light than traditional video cameras. So, how can you get the best nighttime shots from your DSLR?

DSLR Video

Having the right equipment, and most importantly knowing the right camera settings and shooting techniques, is key to getting high quality night time and low light video footage with your DSLR.

In the following video tutorials, 3 industry pros explain their process and optimal settings for getting the best DSLR low light shots.

Low Light: DSLR Filmmaking Tutorial

In this video tutorial by Moritz Janisch, he shares his top rules for getting noise-free nighttime shots. His guide for shooting in low light:

  • To avoid noise never go higher than ISO 1600
  • Keep your shutter speed between 1/30s and 1/50s
  • Aperture should be between F/1.2 and F/5.6
  • Use your camera’s native picture style and turn contrast down

DSLR: Low Light Shooting Strategies

Rich Harrington and Robbie Carmen team up for CreativeCow.net to share their thoughts on low light DSLR shooting. Good info on camera/lens settings and lighting: