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Alien Invasion: After Effects Video Tutorial

Joey Korenman

Learn how to composite a realistic alien spaceship into your footage in this exciting After Effects video tutorial.

In the second part of our Alien Invasion tutorials we will take a look at how to composite, track, and distort an alien spaceship onto a video plate. In our previous Alien Invasion tutorial we took a look at how to build a realistic spaceship using Cinema 4D and After Effects. We highly recommend checking out Part 1 before preceding with this tutorial!

First, let’s check out what we’ll be creating:

In this exciting tutorial we will take a look at how to blend our 3D elements into our 2D video plate and add a few distortion effects to sell the entire shot. The tutorial will cover:

  • Shooting in high shutter speeds
  • The Rolling Shutter Repair effect
  • Mocha trackers
  • Creating custom trackers
  • Viewing individual color channels
  • Using effects to blend elements
  • Creating distortion using fractal noise

Want to watch more After Effects video tutorials? Check out the After Effects section of the PremiumBeat blog. There you’ll find dozens of exclusive tutorials dedicated to making you a better motion designer or check out my site SchoolofMotion.com.

We want to know what you think about this tutorial! Got questions? Drop a line in the comments below.