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FCPX New Feature: Find and Replace Title Text

Danny Greer

In this post, we’ll take a look at a new feature of FCPX: the ability to globally find and replace text in your project’s timeline.

With previous versions of Final Cut Pro, nothing about the text tools were sufficient.  Arguably the worst tool-set in the application, I always preferred doing my text work in another application (mostly Motion) and then bringing into FCP.  One mentionable drawback was the lack of a text “find and replace” function that could be used to swap words in your project.  A 3rd party plug-in developer created a workaround… but even that was a bit clunky to use due to the restrictions of FCP.

By and large, the text tools in FCPX are a major improvement over previous versions (for instance, the drop shadow option is now available in the text inspector).  Perhaps Apple took notice of the need for a find/replace function and have included it in Final Cut Pro X.

From the Menu Bar choose > Edit > Find and Replace Title Text.

This function works well, mimicking similar functions you’re probably used to seeing in word processing software.  You either have Final Cut Pro X find one word in your timeline and replace all occurrences with another word, or you can selectively choose instances by using the Previous / Next buttons.

Two instances where this feature will come in handy:

  • Misspellings.  I’ve worked on long projects where I got a misspelling from a client.  After I integrated it into the graphics I find out it needs to be replaced.  Now that replacement takes seconds.
  • Placeholders.  Here’s a simple trick if you need to put in placeholders (example text to take up space in the timeline until you have approved text from a client – useful for timing). Use the word “Placeholder” in your text placeholders. Example, I’d type “Placeholder – A famous quote goes here.”  NOW, when I get the finalized text from the client I can jump through the timeline quickly and find all the placeholders.  I’ll simply search for “Placeholder”, modify the text and use NEXT button to find the next text placeholder.  Super simple!

What features do you think Apple succeeded with in FCPX?  What are some new functions that you find useful?  Let us know in the comments!