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10 Best Final Cut Pro X Tutorial and Training Websites

Danny Greer

Ready to dive into Final Cut Pro X?  We’ve rounded up the best resources online for FREE FCPX tips, tricks and training.

From extensive FCPX training classes to active forums and weekly podcasts, we’ve rounded up the the best online FCPX tutorial and training resources for video editors. Pick up new FCPX tips, meet other pro editors and give back to the online post production community by sharing your own FCPX knowledge.

Be sure to check out the Premiumbeat blog, as we frequently update it with useful Final Cut Pro X tutorials and news. Our bloggers are all post production professionals whose post production knowledge comes from real-world experience. Among our popular FCPX posts is a list of free effects, filters and templates, as well as 10 handy color correction tutorials for FCPXSee all of our Final Cut Pro X tutorials here.

In no particular order, our list of 10 online resources for FCPX tutorials, tips, tricks and training. Start bookmarking…now:

1. FCPX.tv


With the tagline “all things Final Cut Pro X”, FCPX.tv really is a one-stop shop for the latest tips and news surrounding the app. The site is run by Washington, DC based professional video editor Richard Taylor. Highlights include an ongoing list of Final Cut Pro X requests (for future versions and updates), FCPX editing tutorials, and documentation of known FCPX bugs. If you’re a FCPX power editor this is one site you’ve got to bookmark.

2. FCP.co


FCP.co covers all things Mac video, with particular attention on tips and tutorials for Final Cut Pro X video editing. They’re always covering the latest third party plugins and filters for FCPX (including many free effects). The forum is active and constantly updated, rivaling Apple’s own FCPX user forum.

3. Apple FCPX Support

FCPX Support Forum

Come up against an odd error in Final Cut Pro X?  Have questions about graphic cards or video output hardware support? The FCPX support community is active on the official Apple site…a great resource if you have a specific question about the application. The focus here is not so much on editing style and technique, as most of the content favors more technical, FCPX software/hardware issues. It’s worth noting that your editing karma will go up immensely if you contribute to the community by helping other users troubleshoot their issues, and not only posting questions of your own!

4. Final Cut King

Final Cut King

Final Cut King is the nom de plume of Zac King, film student and post production wiz. Zach’s page is a home base for his popular YouTube channel where he shares his tips and tutorials for Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Premiere and legacy FCP. He also offers a few paid training packs for FCPX and Premiere that merit a look for anyone looking to dive into video editing. Zach’s got a fresh vibe and makes learning the craft a fun ride.

5. Final Cut Basix

Final Cut Basix

For the last few years Connor Crosby has been an active voice online in the field of video editing and post production. Having first started FinalCutWhiz and later EditingWhiz and now, Final Cut Basix (whew, that’s a lot of sites!) he has experience in creating resources for video editing tips and tutorials. Final Cut Basix focuses on core fundamentals and workflows of Final Cut Pro X editing.

6. Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan

Widely recognized as a leading educator and advocate for Final Cut Pro, Larry Jordan has built a career out of post production training. On his site he shares Final Cut Pro X tutorials and tips aimed at the professional editor. His frequent “Power Up Webinars” take an in-depth look at editing techniques and workflows. His site isn’t exclusive to FCPX, so editors of all NLEs can pick up useful info here. Bonus, subscribe to his weekly newsletter. They’re full of useful ‘real world’ post production advice….one newsletter that’s actually worth a frequent read.

7. Ken Stone

Ken Stone

No doubt the longest running site on this list, Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro should be familiar to anyone that has been a longtime FCP video editor. With posts dating back to 2001, the site has been an excellent resource for FCP tutorials and info dating back to the initial release of the legacy version. Articles cover everything from general editing techniques to compression, encoding and tutorials for all the Mac video apps (Motion, Compressor, Quicktime, etc).

8. FCPXLand


FCPXLand is a newcomer to the online video editing arena, but is already filled with lots of useful info on Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X tutorials, news, plugins and filters. They’ve got an ongoing list of FCPX freebies (filters and effects), as well as a list of projects and films that were cut on the app.

9. MacBreak Studio

MacBreak Studio

While not exclusively FCPX…and not necessarily a website, we’d be remiss not to include this online video podcast in this list of great FCPX resources. Video pros Mark Spencer and Steve Martin discuss and demonstrate a video editing technique or trick each week.  These FCPX tutorials are super entertaining and informative…you’re bound to learn something new each week.



The oldest Final Cut Pro user’s group in the US was recently renamed to better reflect it’s member base of video editors using a variety of apps and tools (Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group). However, it remains a great resource (both online and off) for video editors to share their skills and discuss trends and industry news. FCPX tutorials and tips are covered in-depth on the site and updated often.  Bonus, if you’re in the LA, California area check out their monthly meet-ups for some ‘offline’ networking and skill sharing.