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Free After Effects Preset: Ouroboros

Caleb Ward

Create awesome animated strokes with the free Ouroboros preset for After Effects.

If you do a lot of motion graphic design in After Effects than odds are you have created a video using stroked shape layers. This 2D design is super trendy right now and rightfully so, it’s pretty cool. When working on a similar project for Google, Sander van Dijk decided that instead of writing the same time-consuming expressions in After Effects he would write his own preset to make 2D stroked design easier. Not only did he write the preset but he is also giving it away for free.

What It Does

The preset makes working with strokes super easy. Instead of having to customize each individual shape layer, users who use Ourboros can simply parent their Ourboros layer to the shape layer and stylization happens automatically. The following demo video shows what can be accomplished using Ourboros.

You can download the preset from the Ouroboros website for free. While you’re there check out the effects manual at the bottom of the page. The manual will help you figure out how to get up and running with Ouroboros.

Check out our post on After Effects presets if you are interested in creating your own. If you want to learn more about writing expressions and using JavaScript check out CodeCademy and Motionscript.

Know of any uses for this new preset? Share in the comments below.