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GET is Gone! AV3 Discontinues the FCP Phonetic Search Support Application

Danny Greer

AV3 Software, makers of the Final Cut Pro phonetic search application “GET”, has confirmed today that they have discontinued selling the award-winning product.

GET was a useful FCP support application that was able to scan video clips based on phonetic search strings.  Using the software you were quickly able to locate spoken word in your video clips, expediting your editing workflow by saving you from digging through loads of footage to find the right soundbite.  In 2010, GET won Digital Video Magazine’s outstanding achievement Black Diamond Award.

Pro Video Coalition has all the info about the demise of GET…but it’s unclear why AV3 has ceased the sale of the product. GET was powered by Nexidia technology — and AV3 has only stated that Nexidia asked them to stop selling the application.  One can also speculate that the demise of GET may have come from the rebuild of FCP into Final Cut Pro X (perhaps it was simply incompatible).

Although a very handy product, I’d also be curious to know how popular it actually was.  With a $499 price tag it may have simply been out of reach for many consumers.

If you’ve got  a copy of GET hold on to it…AV3 has said existing licenses will continue to operate. Or you can put it up for sale…now that it’s off the market it may be worth even more than that original steep asking price*.  🙂

For all the details, check out this post over at Pro Video Coalition.

UPDATE:  From reader Scott — “If you’re going to sell your copy of Get you better make sure you can transfer the licenase. It requires authorization. My bet is at this point it may not be easy.”