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Free Online Video Training: Getting Started With Nuke

Danny Greer

Want to  jump into Nuke, The Foundry’s professional compositing and visual effects app? Check out this series of quick video tutorials to get started!

The Foundry Nuke

The Foundry’s NUKE is one of the post production industry’s leading compositing, rotoscoping and tracking applications.  The biggest studios in the biz have used Nuke (Digital Domain, Weta Digital and Industrial Light & Magic, to name a few) and Nuke has created the visual effects in such films as Avatar, The Curious Case of Benajmin Button and Black Swan.

As the price continues to drop for high end compositing applications (Smoke & Nuke being two big ones), they’re now more accessible than ever.  However, professional node based compositing apps can be a bit intimidating to folks who previously have only worked with the traditional layout and workflow of non-linear video editing applications.  

The Foundry Nuke

So how do you get started with a node based compositing app like Nuke?

Be intimidated no more.  In the following 11 part Nuke training series from The Foundry, you’ll discover how to use Nuke for your post production needs.  Among the topics covered are creating and applying effects with nodes, keyframing elements, rotoscoping, keying, tracking and working in stereoscopic 3D.

To get started, check out the first video in the 11 part series: the Nuke Interface Overview.  Once you’ve got a handle on the workspace, click on the links below to view the more targeted tutorials in this Nuke training series.

Are you using Nuke? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Nodes in Nuke Importing Footage into Nuke
Motion Tracking in Nuke Keyframes in Nuke
Transforms in Nuke Keying in Nuke
Editing Curves and Keyframes Rotoscoping in Nuke
3D in Nuke Playback in Nuke