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Great Tutorials on Color Matching with SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro

Michael Maher

Working with two completely different cameras? Here are some tips for color matching your footage using Adobe SpeedGrade.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 added a few features from SpeedGrade, primarily the color grading scopes. I’ve recently discovered these great tutorials from Dave Andrade at The Post Color Blog, a YouTube channel dedicated to color grading and LUTs.

This tutorial offers a quick overview of the scopes and some tips on color grading. If you are new to color grading, this gives a great breakdown of the Lumetri Color and Lumetri Scopes tools in Premiere Pro.

Although Premiere Pro has incorporated some SpeedGrade features, it’s tough to beat SpeedGrade’s standalone capabilities. If you are working with multiple cameras and formats, you’ll find yourself struggling to match the color in post-production.

In this tutorial, Dave Andrade uses footage from one of our other favorite Daves, Dave Dugdale from LearningVideo.com. The tutorial uses footage from two different cameras, the Lumix GH4 and Sony a7S. This is a long form tutorial which is great at showing you step-by-step color matching.

If you want some more on SpeedGrade, check out this quick-tip tutorial on analyzing your footage. By using channel views, you can easily see your color adjustments.

If you’ve never used SpeedGrade, you can download a trial version from Adobe.

Got any color-matching tips/tricks/techniques that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!