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How to Create a Glass Effect in Adobe After Effects

Create a transluscent glass effect using only the built-in tools in After Effects – no third party plugins or filters required!

Adobe After Effects

The always excellent Andrew Kramer from VideoCopilot.net has released a tutorial on creating a translucent glass effect in Adobe After Effects. The slick effect is perfect for a film or video intro!

The tutorial can be completed with all the tools that come with After Effects, so you won’t need to have a speciality (read: expensive) plugin to pull off the effect.  Here’s the AE glass effect in it’s finished form:

Modify the look to get a fogged effect or create a look that the camera is “seeing” through a glass window.   Andrew utilizes the AE camera to give the glass animation motion and depth.  The final effect is a cold, icy looking animation that would be at home in horror or mystery themed project.

Check out VideoCopilot for more great AE tutorials. Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

Watch the After Effects glass effect tutorial (fullscreen, HD for best results):