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Inspiration! 14 Creative Identity & Branding Videos

Danny Greer

Check out our roundup of innovative identity and branding campaigns. Great inspiration for video editors, directors and motion designers!

Video Inspiration of the Week

We’ve rounded up some of the most unique and experimental identity and branding videos for your creative inspiration!  From super slow motion, to 3D animation to inventive stop motion sequences, these videos represent some of the finest work in identity and branding.

by Nerdo

Amazing 2D images get a 3D treatment in this awesome identity spot highlighting Discovery Channel’s best programming.  Check out the breakdown video to see some of the post work that went into creating this unique effect.

by zeitguised

A confectionary delight!  Animated candy molds to form unique shapes and designs.  What does it have to do with music?  Who knows!  But it’s a beautiful branding animation – modern and clean!

by Simon Holmedal

Awesome organic looking visual effects give a futuristic flair to this under-the-sea identity piece for the Science Channel.

by double g studios

Live action RED footage and Cinema 4D animation create this fun retro-futurism branding spot for Channel 4’s T4.  Each of the 20 robots is given their own unique personality to impressive effect!

by Greg Barth

Russia’s 7TV gets rebranded in this series of stop motion animations.  A cohesive theme for 5 unique spots.  Stellar work!

by double g studios

Unique and modern identity package for Russia’s Kommersant.  Experimental animations and live video present an unorthodox approach to identity for a news station.

by BEELD.motion

A unique and playful animation style that has an organic handmade feeling.  The animations depict popular film cliches and genres in a cohesive and exceptional way in this identity piece for a channel devoted to movie news.

Channel [V]
by Where There’s Smoke 

Take a musical journey in this epic identity video from Australian music Channel [V].  100’s of popular musicians were composited together in this amazing visual collage.  This one has to be seen to be believed!

Channel 4
by ManvsMachine

An odd and wonderful identity package for Channel 4.  Colorful squares show up in the most unlikely of places.

by DixonBaxi

Dazzling colors!  From slow motion liquids to flying fur balls, this dynamic spot gives a surreal color splash to organic looking elements.  A visual delight!

MTV Asia

Created as part of MTV Asia’s Chinese New Year package, this branding animated spot adds a futuristic, urban element to a traditional theme.  An awesome animated dragon ties it all together! 

by Linus Lundin

Motion tracking and Cinema 4D design were used to create this series of hip identity pieces for Wataniya TV.  Simple with a clean, organic feel.

Spine TV
by Joseph Pelling 

Unique series of 2D identity animations for Spine TV.  Great sound design and a clean, quirky animation style that pairs well with the irreverent messaging.

by MINE // Jon Yeo 

Beautiful powders of vibrant color coalesce in this identity package for the UK’s SKY 3D channel.  All of the action was shot live, instead of CG, for an organic feel.  Footage was shot on the Phantom slow motion camera at speeds up to 5000 frames a second.

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