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Inspiration: 10 Must-See Video Demo Reels

Looking for cinematography, VFX, and motion design inspiration? Check out this collection of some of our very favorite demo reels from around the world!

It’s vital that videographers consume as much media as they can. It’s not just a matter or staying up on trends — it’s about staying motivated and inspired, too. In an effort to help you keep your creative fires burning, we’ve gathered ten of our favorite demo reels from all over the world. Enjoy!

1. Jr.canest 1.0 (’09) by Jorge R. Canedo Estrada

2. Showreel 2008 by KORB

3. Demo Reel by Ian Pfaff

4. Reel 2010 by Eternitease

5. Demo Reel 2010 by Jesper Lindborg

6. 2010 Cinematography Demo Reel by Karen Abed

7. Demo Reel 08-09 by Jordan Clarke

8. 2010 Cinematography Demo Reel by Patrick Lawler

9. Demo Reel by ACL Digital Cinema

10. Iheart2d 2010 Reel by mlandry

Still looking for something to stir your creativity? Swing on over to Vimeo and watch PremiumBeat’s curated collection of the best showreels and demo reels!

What are your favorite demo reels? Share them in the comments below!