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Light Strokes in After Effects Without Plugins

Danny Greer

Want to create stylish light strokes in After Effects without purchasing 3rd party plugins?  This video tutorial will show you how to create the effect with tools that come included with After Effects.

Adobe After Effects

Simulated 3D light streaks and strokes can add punch to your video graphics, especially when added to logos and write-on effects.  Red Giant Software’s Trapcode 3D Stroke is the industry leading 3rd party effects plugin for creating these cool light effects.  Check out this video for an example of Trapcode 3D Stroke in action:

However, at $99 Trapcode 3D Stroke may be a bit out of reach for those just starting out in motion design or only needing to use the effect for one instance.  So, with a bit of time and After Effects know-how you can create similar light stroke effects without the need for third party plugins.  The following video tutorial from German motion design artist Equiloud shows how to mimic the look using After Effects’ Vegas Effect, Glow Effect and Turbulent Displace tools.  The 3D light stroke effect is actually faked in After Effects’ 2D space.

Check out Light Strokes Effect with Built-in Plugins // After Effects Tutorial (best viewed full screen):