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The Robotic Camera Arm That Plugs into an Outlet Is Now Half the Price

Logan Baker

Motorized Precision makes the Mia line more accessible for indie filmmakers with some new features and a giant price drop.

Top image via Motorized Precision.

With Cine Gear on the horizon, Motorized Precision is already making waves with the announcement of a significant price cut for their MIA line. They are slashing the price by half of the original, bringing the cost to $75,000. This is a huge leap down from the original price, and it will make the art of precise camera movement available to more filmmakers.

The Robotic Camera Arm That Plugs into an Outlet Is Now Half the Price — Mia

However, the most significant aspect of this upcoming release is not the price drop but the fact that the MIA will now be waterproof. So, not only will filmmakers be able to push the boundaries of camera movement and placement, Motorized Precision will also be bringing these opportunities to more creatives. As before, you can still plug the MIA into a wall outlet for easy operation. So not only will Marvel and Microsoft be using the MIA, you might find one on a shoot of your own in the near future. All you need is a 110-volt wall socket and the MP studio software to control the arm. Check out the new pricing here.

The Robotic Camera Arm That Plugs into an Outlet Is Now Half the Price — Mia

For more on Motorized Precision, check out our interview with the president and CEO Sean Brown.

Here are the specs for the MIA:

  • Maximum Height — 6.5 ft. (1.97 meters)
  • Lowest Position — 0 Ft (0 meters)
  • Maximum Reach (from Rotate Center) — 3.8 ft. (1.1 meters)
  • Base Width — 2 ft. X 2 ft. (.61 meters X .61 meters)


  • Pan — 170º
    • 300º per second
  • Lower Lift — 45º/-190º
    • 225º per second
  • Upper Lift — 156º/-120º
    • 330º per second
  • Roll — 185º
    • 360º per second
  • Tilt — 120º
    • 360º per second
  • Pan — 350º
    • 433º per second

Shooting Speeds

  • Vertical Move — 3 meters per second.
  • Horizontal Move — 3 meters per second.
  • Mia on track horizontal move — 5.5 meters per second.


  • Minimum 49ºF
  • Maximum 130ºF


  • Mia Robot — 126 lbs.
  • Maximum Camera Payload — 22 lbs.
  • Power Supply Unit — 73 lbs.
  • Mobile Track and Meters — 297 lbs.
  • Mobile Base — 810 lbs.

Motorized Precision is changing the filmmaking game. Just look at some of the recent commercials that have used this piece of equipment — the results are jaw dropping. Also, if you’re interested in the KIRA, Marques Brownlee put out a stellar behind-the-scenes look at the Motorized Precision operation.

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