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Fresh Tracks: Hear June’s Best New Royalty Free Music

Electrify your footage with our music team’s favorite new royalty free tracks.

This is as fresh as it gets. Feast your ears on the latest and greatest additions to PremiumBeat’s ever-growing library of best-in-class royalty-free music. With new tunes from established contributors and emerging artists alike, every song on this playlist is a hand-picked favorite of our in-house music team in June.

The playlist leads off with “Ambitech” by Dr. Hollywood. Pulsing, chill, and mysterious, with haunting, subtly warped electro elements. The perfect soundtrack for a midnight cruise through a neon wasteland.

Fresh Tracks: Hear June's Best New Royalty Free Music — Sunset

Image via Grisha Bruev.

Barn Burner” by Flash Fluharty takes a different approach. It feels a little dangerous with its slinky beer-bottle slide guitar and roadhouse attitude. Slip this one into the tape deck of your vintage hot rod and floor it.

Meanwhile, “Acid Wash” By Elliot Middleton somehow manages to feel contemporary and nostalgic at the same time, with bittersweet synth lines and guitar tones worthy of the Smiths.

Fresh Tracks: Hear June's Best New Royalty Free Music — Guitar

Image via optimarc.

In addition to these standout tracks, you’ll find club-worthy cuts, hard-charging rock anthems, shimmering indie pop, and so much more. Be among the first to use one of these vital new releases with a simple $49 Standard License that lets you use the track in as many of your videos as you want. In the meantime, explore June’s best in the playlist below. Enjoy.

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June's Fresh Tracks
June's Fresh Tracks
Check out some of our latest tracks.
  • Ambitech
  • Pulsing and flowing, with dance / techno techno and production / film scores suspense elements featuring mysterious synthesizer to create an intriguing and determined mood.
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  • Bangarang
  • Bouncy and bright, with pop rock elements featuring groovy electric guitar, synthesizer, and vocal oohs aahs to create a carefree and enthusiastic mood.
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  • Acid Wash
  • Shimmering and driving, with indie rock elements featuring passionate electric guitar and synthesizer to create a longing and determined mood.
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  • This World Is Yours
    By Gyom
  • Flowing and warm, with pop rock and corporate inspirational elements featuring soaring piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and male aahs to create an uplifting and joyful mood.
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  • Hey Charger
  • Gritty and punchy, with classic rock and heavy metal elements featuring driving electric guitar male aahs, and organ to create a rowdy and rebellious mood.
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  • Mangrove
  • Punchy and slick, with world Asian and hip hop elements featuring enchanting ethnic flute, ethnic percussion, and synth bass to create a powerful and determined mood.
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  • MZT
  • Driving and edgy, with rock rocktronica elements featuring tough electric guitar and synthesizer to create an encouraging and empowering mood.
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  • Cloud Surfing
  • Shimmering and floating, with R&B soul and electronic chill out elements featuring dreamy female oohs aahs, synthesizer, and synth drums to create a blissful and groovy mood.
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  • The Simple Things in Life
  • Light and bouncy, with production / film scores dramedy and adventure elements featuring wondrous piano, pizzicato strings, and woodwinds to create an intriguing and heartwarming mood.
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  • Latin Jazz Police
  • Bouncy and groovy, with Latin Jazz and tango elements featuring sneaky piano, ethnic percussion, and saxophone to create a mischievous and investigative mood.
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  • Upgrade
  • Floating and gentle, with electro pop and corporate inspirational elements featuring calm piano and synthesizer to create a positive and peaceful mood.
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  • Modern Case
  • Shimmering and pulsing, with dance / techno house and dubstep elements featuring bright synthesizer and electric guitar to create an encouraging and motivational mood.
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