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Creative Royalty-Free Intro Music for Better Viewer Engagement

Hear how your video can benefit from great intro music, then take a listen to our curated list of royalty-free intro music tracks.

The obvious benefits of thoughtfully selected intro music are, well, obvious. Intro music helps your work register as more professional. It catches your viewers’ attention and tells them it’s time to settle in.

But the most important benefit of intro music involves storytelling: the music you lead with provides one of the very first hints about the narrative experience you’re sharing. Visionary director David Lynch explains it best:

The sound, picture, and ideas have to marry. If an idea carries with it a mood, sound is critical to making that mood.

Creative Royalty-Free Intro Music for Better Viewer Engagement — Setup

Image via ImageBySutipond.

What do the musings of a surrealist auteur have to do with your next two-minute video game review clip? Everything. Specifically the part about “making the mood,” which is just a Lynchian way of saying “pick the right intro music.” You’ve got to ask yourself how your intro music supports what’s about to unfold on the screen. How do you want your viewer to feel? What mood will you create in your video’s opening moments to ensure you hook your audience?

When it comes time to choose your intro music, there are a couple of approaches you can take. The first is dropping an audio logo into the opening of your clip. These short, snappy tunes can act as your aural signature, and they’re concise and catchy enough to instantly lodge themselves into your viewer’s head.

Creative Royalty-Free Intro Music for Better Viewer Engagement — Makeup Vlog

Image via Jacob Lund.

You can explore the second approach in the curated royalty free intro music playlist below. These tracks are longer and offer more use cases, as each comes with loops and short clips. That means you can find your intro music and soundtrack within a single song.

Plus, with a $49 Standard License, you can use one track in as many of your videos as you want. (Pro tip: Maintaining the same intro music across a series of videos is top-notch branding.) 

Just remember: conventional wisdom suggests that GoPro footage from the helmet of a motocross racer demands extreme music, and softly lit yoga footage calls for something with a little more pan flute. While YouTube is crowded with videos that trot out these genre tropes, your video doesn’t have to. Treat the act of selecting your intro music as one more chance to push yourself creatively by marrying sound, picture, and idea in an unexpected way.

Looking for more royalty-free playlists? Check these out:

Royalty-Free Intro Music
Royalty-Free Intro Music
Get better viewer engagement for your videos with these royalty-free intro tracks.
  • Nonstop
  • Bouncy and groovy, with R&B funk and neo-soul elements featuring enthusiastic electric guitar and vocal oohs aahs to create a playful and positive mood.
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  • Blacklight
  • Punchy and edgy, with dance / techno industrial elements featuring pulsing synthesizer, electric guitar, and piano to create a sinister and menacing mood.
  • Buy track
  • Hot Hip
  • Hypnotic and bouncy, with electronic trip-hop elements featuring laidback keyboard, synthesizer, and synth drums to create a content and smooth mood.
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  • She Bad
  • Slick and mellow, with hip hop trap elements featuring proud synthesizer, vocal samples, and synth drums to create a tough and cool mood.
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  • Over
  • Sunny and shimmering, with electronic chill out elements featuring mellow synthesizer and vocal samples to create a euphoric and satisfied mood.
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  • Wind It Up
    By Gyom
  • Heavy and punchy, with rock alternative-grunge elements featuring pumped up electric guitar, drums, and male aahs to create an exciting and lively mood.
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  • Nostalgic
  • Funky and hypnotic, with electronic trip-hop elements featuring smooth synthesizer, piano, electric guitar, and saxophone to create a sexy and dreamy mood.
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  • We Go High
  • Edgy and slick, with indie rock elements featuring gritty electric guitar and female vocal to create a confident and fist-pumping mood.
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