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Best Royalty Free Wedding Music for Videos & Slideshows

Danny Greer

We’ve rounded up the best modern wedding royalty free music for videos and slideshows. Create impact with these heartfelt royalty free tracks!

Whether you’re a wedding videographer, photographer or you’re looking for music for your own event, these contemporary royalty free tracks are perfect to convey the emotions of a wedding day.  From minimalist piano to upbeat pop-rock, this royalty free wedding music has a fresh feel-good vibe!  The best royalty music for wedding videos and slideshows.

Royalty Free Wedding Music
  • Turn This Around
  • Warm and building, featuring reflective electric guitar pulsing texutes, smooth synth drones and light Pop drums that create a heartwarming mood.
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  • Manhattan Stories
  • Sweet and emotional, featuring a tender repeated piano line that builds with warm strings, bright electric guitars and confident rock drums into a powerful climactic mood of joy and love.
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  • Annie
  • Smooth and dreamy, featuring light pulsing textures and underlying floating keyboard that creates a mood of resolution and comfort.
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  • Be Patient
  • Tender and gentle, featuring bright acoustic guitar, introspective acoustic piano and smooth background vocals that create a warm and dreamy mood.
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  • Feather
  • Warm and reflective, featuring a laidback Rock groove, introspective piano, light electric guitar and lush strings create an uplifting and determined mood.
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