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Must Have Cinematography Gear for Under $100

Brent Pierce

Most cinematographers are crazy about gear – it helps us do our job. But sometimes, gear can get quite expensive. In this post, I share a list of affordable products that I trust.

Cameras and Equipment

As a camera operator, I’m constantly trying out new gear.  From my own experience, I’ve compiled this list of useful cinematography gear that you can find for under $100. I find each piece of equipment useful in my day-to-day work.

Is there an inexpensive piece of cinematography equipment that YOU absolutely rely on? I want to know!  Share in the comments below.

Do your job better…without emptying your wallet:

Camera sling bag (~$75)

Camera sling bag

Sling bags are great for carrying a light load of lenses and photo/video equipment when running-and-gunning. Fast access to your equipment.

P&C Pico Flex Dolly with ball head ($100)

Pico Flex Dolly

This neat little dolly/slider alternative from P&C allows you to make some awesome angled sliding moves on a flat surface.  Perfect for DSLRs.

Boom Boy boompole holder ($30)

Boom Boy

This is a boompole holder that mounts into a C-stand. Simple and effective.

Velcro straps ($3)

This one was mentioned in the comments below. Velcro straps are super useful in any situation to wrap cables.

Gaffer tape ($15)

gaff tape

Gaffer tape is an absolutely ESSENTIAL tool on set. Buy a couple rolls and keep them in your camera kit at all times.  Any seasoned video pro will tell you, this stuff is magic.

Capture Camera Clip system ($80)

Capture Clip

This is a camera clip that holds your DSLR secure and close to you. Great for situtations when your shooting with multiple cams or need your hands free!

Zoom H1 ($100)

Zoom h1

Pocket audio recorders are very handy. I use them all the time to record audio during weddings. An easy way to record audio in unique shooting situations.

Good Stereo headphones ($70)


You’ll need to check audio levels when setting up mics and listening to captured audio. These are headphones that aren’t going to break the bank.

LCD viewfinder (~20)

LCD Viewfinder

When shooting handheld with a DSLR, it is very helpful to use an LCD viewfinder (ask anyone that’s had to shoot in super bright light!)  Here is list of cheap ones that get the job done.

Reflector ($40)


When shooting outside, it is always handy to use a reflector to give your subject more natural bounce light – useful for both still photographers and videographers. This is a neat 5-in-1 reflector.

Canon 50mm f/1.8 ($125)

Canon 50mm f/1.8

I know this is over $100, but if there is one lens I tell new photographers and cinematographers to purchase, it’s this one. Super cheap, while performing great in low light and still being sharp.

Adobe Creative Cloud ($50 per month)

Adobe Creative Cloud

This is for the all-around cinematographer/editor. If you use Adobe’s software suite, it is totally worth it to invest in Creative Cloud. You get download access to all of their applications for a monthly subscription fee.

Gear will not make you a better cinematographer, but it will sure make it easier for you. What other cinematography gear for under $100 do you use?