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Online Resources Chronicling FCPX Bugs and What You Can Do To Help

Danny Greer

In this post, we’ll take a look at 2 websites currently chronicling known issues with FCPX, as well as possible workarounds to circumvent these bugs.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, no doubt you’ve been made aware of the shortcomings of Final Cut Pro X.  Yes, Apple released a sub-professional product…I think all pro editors can agree on that.  So, as we look forward we must each decide what will be our NLE of choice…stick with FCP 7, give FCP X a-go, or jump the Apple ship altogether and move over to AVID or Premiere.

For those that have decided to give FCPX a sporting chance, you may want to be aware of some of the lesser known flaws in the application.  2 websites have been putting Final Cut Pro X through the wringer and for our benefit, have been recording software errors or “bugs” (anytime the application produces an unexpected result may be considered a bug).  These sites list the errors, as well as some possible ways to avoid or recover from them.

FCP X Quirks Tumblog

Post production professional Craig Tozzi has created a Tumblr site dedicated solely to FCP X bugs.  On the site Craig goes in to great detail about the FCPX problems he encounters.  In many instances he outlines the issues with screenshots and explains ways to avoid falling trap to similar problems.  In a refreshingly positive light, he doesn’t focus on the well-known problems with FCPX, but instead looks at everyday-type usability issues.  For instance, he notes that sporadically the timeline refuses to focus/playback.  He goes on to suggest a workaround…switching to another project and then back again (not ideal, but will get you out of the woods).  If you plan on delving into this earliest version of FCPX, it’s great to know tips like these.

Digital Rebellion’s FCPX Bug List

Digital Rebellion, makers of supporting software for FCP (such as FCS Maintancene Pack and Editmote among others) has recently started their own list of errors in Final Cut Pro X.  For many of the issues they’ve included links to Apple’s support pages that deal with the specific occurances.

Provide Apple with Feedback

Did you know that if you find a bug in FCP X you can report the error to Apple directly?  From Apple’s FCPX feedback site you can shoot a quick message to Apple to let them know what you encountered.  Because this is essentially a version 1.0 application, quirks are to be somewhat expected (granted, not currently at the level we see in FCPX).  By providing your feedback you will help to make the product better in future updates!

Have you personally run into any bugs in FCPX?  Let us know in the comments!