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An Inexpensive Way to Archive Photo or Video Projects

Danny Greer

Wondering the best way to archive video and photo projects? This quick tip will keep your work secure without spending a lot of cash!

Hard DriveIf you’re wrestling with a cost effective way to store and backup your video or photo work this quick tutorial video from Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter should come in handy.

Although many people backup projects on external hard drives, Caleb actually suggests purchasing ‘naked’ hard drives (the type that go in your computer) as a cheaper alternative. By using an inexpensive adaptor, you can connect these hard drives to your system in the same way you would connect an external hard drive.

Caleb stores these drives in cases (labeled with the projects contained on each drive) and then in a small fireproof safe – a good suggestion for added security. To be even more cautious, you could store one backup on-site and another in off-site storage (say, one copy at the office and one at home).

By going with this more cost effective route, you can afford to double and triple backup your work on different drives. You know, you really should be doing that anyway.  As a wise person once said, “the only certainly with hard drives is that eventually they all fail.”

Check out Caleb’s photo and video backup solution: