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Quick Trick for De-Flickering Your Video Shots

Danny Greer

This tip from video production pro Philip Bloom is a simple way to de-flicker your footage in any video editing app.

Flicker from electrical lighting can kill a shot, especially one shot in slow motion with a high shutter speed. You can try to remove this flicker with filters and plugins in your video editing software – or you could try out this simple layering trick from Philip Bloom.

Here’s the jist of Bloom’s video de-flicker trick:

  • Duplicate a video clip that has electrical flicker.
  • Stack this duplicate on a new layer above your original clip.
  • Offset the top layer by one frame.
  • Reduce the opacity (in the tutorial Philiip got good results at 50%).
  • That’s it.

It’s almost TOO simple – this trick can work in any video editing application and can drastically improve the look of your indoor slow motion shots.

Director of Photography Tom Guilmette gave Philip’s de-flicker technique a test. You can view that sample here:

Got your own de-flicker tips?
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