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Quickly Create Instant Replays in Final Cut Pro X

Danny Greer

Creating instant replays in Final Cut Pro is now easier than ever with the new automated speed tool.

Although it has always been possible to create instant replay in Final Cut Pro, it required a combination of manually duplicating clips, applying speed filters and then modifying clip speed.  Apple has simplified this process in Final Cut Pro X, with a built in instant replay tool.  This new function is great for sports, news-style or action-heavy programming!

How To Use the FCPX Instant Replay Function

Select a clip or a section of a clip from your FCPX timeline that you’d like to replay.  In this example I’ve selected a section from the middle of one clip.  To select a clip range use the shortcut “R” and highlight a section of a clip (range selection).  For information about using the range selection tool see our post here.

Now, click the clip retiming button in the FCPX tool bar.

Choose “Instant Replay”

When you create an instant replay FCPX will duplicate your selection and automatically add it in the timeline immediately after the original.  All other media behind your “instant replay” will move further down the timeline to make room for it (made possible by FCP’s magnetic timeline).

A retiming bar will now appear above your clip. In this example you will see 3 green bar sections…the first over the original selection, the second over the newly created “instant replay” and the third over the remainder of the original clip.

To adjust the speed of the “instant replay” (the section under the second green bar) drag the bar above it to the right.  The further you drag the bar the more you will slow down the footage.

Expert tip:  In FCPX, the instant replay function is not a default keyboard shortcut (command).  However, this function can be mapped  to a key or shortcut (from the menu bar choose Final Cut Pro > Commands > Customize…)

For some projects, such as sports oriented programming, this new instant replay function could result in significant time savings… a nice addition to FCPX!