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Roundup of Filmmaking and Video Production Apps for Android

Danny Greer

Learn which Android apps are ‘must-haves’ for video producers, photographers and filmmakers.

Although many in the video production business are partial to Apple products, there is a significant population of Android devotees as well…

Brent Pierce, professional video editor/producer and blogger at Cineblur.com, has compiled a solid list of filmmaking and video production related Android apps that would prove quite handy on any shoot.  Highlights include:

  • Depth of field calculator
  • Digital slate
  • Light meter
  • DSLR controller
  • Digital model/talent releases

Explore Brent’s full list of the best Filmmaking Apps for Android at Cineblur.com.

3 More Android Apps for Filmmakers

These 3 weren’t included in Brent’s Android app list, but they’re also worth checking out:

Map-A-Pic: A location scouting app that let’s you geo-tag photos.  Now you can remember the exact location of every location scout photo you take.
Location Scout: Want to know what movies were filmed in your area?  Want to shoot at a location you saw in a film?  By cross-referencing the Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com), Location Scout displays the shooting locations of thousands of movies.
Sundroid: Quickly find the golden hour of any location in the world, on any day of the year.  Displays the time of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset.  A must-have companion for scheduling shoot times.


Are you an Apple fanatic?

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