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Secondary Animation: Adobe After Effects

Caleb Ward

Take your motion designs to the next level using secondary animation.

As a motion graphic designer, stiff animation or unnatural movements can be really frustrating. Bezier curves and Easy-Ease keyframes can only go so far to create better animation…and this is where secondary animation comes into play.

Secondary animation is the process of animating in-between keyframes and offsetting motion. It’s often the difference between professional animation and novice animation. The following tutorial by School of Motion explains everything you need to know about secondary animation including:

  • Cusping
  • Delaying motion
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using masks to add liquidity

The most important information to take away from this video is that offsetting keyframes creates a more “cartoon-like” animation. By offsetting keyframes you can create a more imperfect movement which feels more natural.

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Thank you for sharing this tutorial School of Motion!