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Storyboarding Like A Pro

Danny Greer

Taking the time to create storyboards in pre-production can focus your project’s vision and save you time on set. Here are a few approaches for storyboarding success.

Film and Video Production - Storyboarding

When well crafted, storyboards provide a guide map for your shooting and keep everyone on-set clued into the shot objectives.  

Storyboards aren’t just for feature film productions. Create a board for your music video, television commercial or short film. They can also be useful for paid client and corporate work, ensuring that your client’s vision is carried out on-set. The following 3 entertaining videos give insight into creating storyboards and answer common questions on the storyboarding process:

  • When do you create storyboards in the production process?
  • Help, I can’t draw? How can I create a storyboard?
  • What’s the proper formatting for camera movement?
  • Do I need to know my shooting locations before I start boarding?
  • How do I find a storyboard artist?

Do you have your own storyboarding tips?
Share them in the comments below!

Storyboarding! by Film Riot

Storyboarding For People Who Can’t Draw by Indy Mogul

How to Create a Storyboard for Your Video Shoot by ReelSEO