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The Metabones Adapter Changes the Game for Blackmagic Pocket Users

Caleb Ward

The latest Metabones speed booster allows your Blackmagic Pocket Camera to take Canon EF lenses.

Filmmakers and videographers take notice, the Metabones Canon EF to Micro Four-Thirds speedbooster is going to be released very soon, but only for the Blackmagic Pocket Camera.

As announced back in December, the new adapter, which is only available for the Pocket Camera, will allow users to mount EF lenses to the Micro Four Third mount on the BMPCC. The adapter minimizes the crop factor from being x2.88 to being x1.75. This means a 50mm lens will act like an 87.5mm lens, instead of 144mm. Perhaps more importantly, this will allow BMPCC users to get wide shots which have been virtually impossible on the BMPCC in the past.

The adapter will also increase the incoming light from a lens by 1 2/3 stops, making your 50mm f/1.8 lens a 87.5mm f/1.0 lens. It is also significantly smaller than previous Metabones adapters including the one for Nikon G lens mounts.

Our initial thoughts were, “this sounds too good to be true,” but this video put out by James Miller showing the speed booster in action makes a very strong case for the legitimacy of the adapter:

Even though the speed booster does adapt from a Canon EF mount to a Micro Four Thirds mount it is not designed to work on any other Micro Four Thirds camera, this includes the GH4. But you ask, “When is Metabones going to release an EF to MFT adapter for my shiny new GH4?” In short, we don’t know…but Cinema 5D says that a non-Blackmagic specific adapter is “on the way”.

Pricing and Availability

This new announcement is great news for anybody who has a bunch of Canon EF lenses and doesn’t wish to purchase a whole new MFT set for shooting on Blackmagic Cameras. We are very excited to try out this new adapter and see if it’s worth the $649 price tag. It is expected to be available any day now on the Metabones website.

What do you think of the new adapter? Share in the comments below.

Story via Phillip Bloom & Cinema5D
Pictures via Phillip Bloom 

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