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Video Tutorial: Cinema 4D Tips and Tricks

Danny Greer

The following video tutorial shares a TON of useful info for the Cinema 4D designer.

If you’re looking to pick up some new Cinema 4D skills and tricks invest 30 minutes into the video tutorial below. Taken as a screencast from the recent “Half Rez” Cinema 4D/motion graphics meetup in Chicago, this C4D tutorial covers a whole lot of ground:

  • Illumination Models
  • Constraint Tag (Spring, Parent)
  • Editing Splines
  • Getting the Axis Out of the Way
  • Previewing Hair
  • Render Splines with Hair Material
  • Custom Depth Pass
  • Build Assets in a New File
  • Ray Passes
  • Work in Factors of 10
  • Select Texture Tags & Objects
  • Search Bar
  • Scroll to First Active Object
  • Create Collapsed Button

…and that’s only in the first half.

Presenter Chris Schmidt rolls quickly through each of these tips, so having previous familiarity with Cinema 4D is important.

Thanks for sharing Chris and Greyscalegorlla!