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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Quick Topographies

Caleb Ward

Learn how to easily create detailed topographies using this quick Cinema 4D technique.

Working with generators can be extremely taxing on your computer, especially when the objects generated are all 3D. Typically when rendering objects with topographic landscapes you can expect the process to be long, but not with the following effect created by Greyscalegorilla. In the following tutorial you’ll learn how to build quick topographies using the hair generator built into Cinema 4D. The whole process is surprisingly easy and the results are absolutely stunning. The tutorial covers:

  • Using the Material Editor
  • Working with Projections
  • Optimizing Materials in Photoshop
  • Lighting

Notice how much more compelling the scene looks when using complex materials. If you want to learn more about manipulating materials using the new material editor in R16 we highly recommend checking out our post on the ‘14 R16 features you should know about‘.

This tutorial was first created by Chris Schmidt of Greyscalegorilla. Thanks for sharing guys!

Know of any other cool ways to make this effect? Share in the comments below.