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Our music experts are constantly identifying the most memorable tracks from our library with your projects in mind. From uplifting electro pop to rebellious rock, our handpicked selection will keep you up to date on all the latest trends. Take a listen and find your video's perfect soundtrack.

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About the best new music
What is the best new music 2022?
Here at PremiumBeat, we know you want to stay up to date on the hottest musical trends. That is why we regularly update the New Release section right above, so you can find the freshest tracks all in one place.

Our New Release section has a little something for everyone. Want a track that is shimmering and bright? Check out “MNML Sparkles.” How about something groovy and confident? “Fourths” is for you. For a peaceful, dreamy mood, listen to “Figure 8.” For a classical piano melody, go with “The Beautiful Calm.” For an inspirational corporate track, listen to “Motivational and Success.”

If you are wondering about the best new music of the week and want to check out what is currently popular, explore our Trending Tracks section. Diverse genres and compelling sounds await. After listening to just a few beats of a track like “Mira,” you’ll be dancing in your seat. For a sense of childlike wonder, let “Infinity Circles” wash over you. Check back regularly to see what exciting new songs have been added to our collection.
What is the best way to find new music?
Wondering who to follow in order to stay on top of the best new music this year? The easy answer? PremiumBeat. PremiumBeat is here to offer you unlimited access to the top new tracks. We put out several hundred new songs every week so that your personal and commercial projects can always have the freshest sound.

To find the exact sort of song you want to hear, use the filters in the PremiumBeat search engine. Search by Genres, Instrument, BPM, and more. Want to check out our free tracks? Click the “Advanced” filter and select the “Free Tracks” option. Need a lyric-free beat to be background music in your next video? Select “Instrumental Only” from the “Advanced” filter menu. Explore music from around the world by going to the “Vocals” or “World” section in the “Genres” dropdown menu. Finding high-quality royalty-free music and new songs to add to your creative projects has never been easier. Find your perfect track in our library today.
What are some of the best sites to find new music?
A quick internet search will reveal an array of music sites that feature new music. With so many stock music websites to choose from, how do you make sure you are working with the best the web has to offer?
  • High-quality website: The website should strike you as clean, clear, and professional, with a vast array of royalty-free new music in its collection. A homepage that features the new releases and trending tracks suggests that the site adds new music on a regular basis. The search engine should include helpful filters to expedite your search. A detailed FAQ page and licensing page is a nice plus.
  • Licensing cost: The best music sites will have a page that clearly states what you are paying for when you license a song. The price should be reasonable, and you should feel confident that you are getting a fair price. The music site ought to make it clear that they have handled the nitty-gritty details of music licensing so that all you need to do is pay your one-time fee to acquire rights to the song.
  • Curated collection: A large music library is nice, but if the site accepts every track submitted, the quality of the music will suffer. It is best to acquire royalty-free music from a site that carefully reviews every submitted song. This ensures that the library is high-quality, as the site has standards that must be met.
What are some top genres for best new music for video?
PremiumBeat offers quality music tracks across a wide range of genres. Some of the best music for video can found in the following genres:
  • Best new indie music: For fresh indie tracks, type “indie” into the search box of the PremiumBeat search engine. “With the Winds” features groovy synthesizers that inspire a sense of confidence in listeners. With its snaps and vocal oohs and ahs, it could be a good match for a video that that shows a group of youthful friends enjoying quality time together. “Inspiring View” has a driving beat that feels perfectly geared to videos that feature city-slickers getting things done.
  • Best new Christmas music: Go to the PremiumBeat search engine, click “Genres,” scroll down to “Holiday,” and select “Christmas.” Want a light, festive track for a children’s animated video? “Christmas Mood” may be just the thing. For something sentimental and classic, try the acoustic version of “O Christmas Tree,” perfect for a video that features a family gathered together for a candlelight meal. Want a bright, upbeat track that puts people in the gift giving spirit? Our “Christmas Shopping” track can work well in holiday commercials or advertising videos.
  • Best new hipster music: If you want your video to speak to a hip, young crowd, search the PremiumBeat library with the keyword “hipster.” Our track “Hipster Trends” is funky and fun. If you have a high-energy scene in your film, a party perhaps, try adding this track to the mix. For more of a rock-n-roll sound, listen to “Bazooka Bang.” If its title didn’t confirm its hip status, the gritty electric guitars and bold beat certainly will.
  • Best new Persian music: Want a track that is determined and dramatic? Look no further than “Persian Queen.” Its heavy underlying brass and Middle Eastern elements create an adventurous mood, perfect for action films in sunny, desert locations. “Persian Pilgrim,” on the other hand, is a more soothing, laidback groove. Add this to your video to create a dreamy mood.
  • Best new EDM music: EDM, or electronic dance music, is ideal for video scenes that feature nightclubs or people dancing. Check out “Tech Dad” for a swaggering, confident track, “Wanna Be Bad” for a sexy female-driven song, or “Kunoku” for an intense Japanese sound.
  • Best new rap music: Go to “Genres” and scroll down to “Hip Hop” to hear some of the best new rap tracks. Amp up your audience with the fist-bumping “What Cha Gonna Do.” Check out the flamenco guitar in “Ya Ya” for a hypnotic and mysterious rap track. For an edgy, slick track, take a listen to “Titans.”
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Best New Music 2022

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