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Whether you need epic music for a battle scene, motivating music for your cardio workout, or scary music for your horror movie trailer, intense music is here to help create the ideal mood.

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Set the Mood

Intense music is a mood genre used to instill specific emotions in an audience. When used in dramatic movie trailers, it can cause viewers’ eyes to widen as they creep to the edge of their seats. In motivational situations, it can stir up a sense of power and self-confidence in listeners. If you want to create a powerful mood, give intense music a try.

Amp Up Production

There’s something about intense music that pumps up the listener. If you are looking for an all-natural energy boost to keep you going on your morning run or motivate you to tackle late-afternoon work tasks, intense music is the aural espresso shot you need. Simply turn on the tunes and watch your productivity flow.

Tie Your Project Together

If you feel intensely about an upcoming project or presentation and you want to evoke the same feeling in your audience, intense music is the way to go. It can tie your project together and make it feel like a finished, professional product. A fight scene or action movie trailer just isn’t complete without that epic music we know so well.
About Intense Music
What is the meaning of intensity in music?
The standard definition of intense refers to extreme force, strength, degree, or amount, or otherwise characterized by deep and forceful feelings. When it comes to music, intensity refers to the energy or delicacy that musicians apply to their instrument and the application of techniques they use during a song. A song may start off with a low intensity and gradually grow more intense as the musician increases the volume or alters the rhythm and interaction between various instruments. In musical notation, different terms of Italian origin are used to indicate at what level of intensity different parts of a song should be played. These terms include:
  • pp = pianissimo: very low intensity
  • p = piano: low intensity
  • mp = mezzo piano: medium soft intensity
  • mf = mezzo forte: medium strong intensity
  • f = forte: high strong intensity
  • ff = fortissimo: very high intensity
What is intense music?
Intense music raises or builds tension in listeners. It is an excellent addition to a number of projects, such as movie trailers, gaming tutorials, and workout classes. When it comes to intense music, there are a number of sub-categories, from epic to angry, scary to battle. Epic music tends to feature big, bold sounds that vibrate with raw power. Such tracks may include high contrast, plucked strings, and haunting choir vocals. Angry music is often created by including short, sharp sounds, and fast, pounding rhythms. Action-packed films such as 300 or Gladiator feature battle music that amplifies the intensity of the fight sequences. If you have ever seen the classic film Jaws, then you are familiar with the thematic shark music that many associate with scary situations. Similar stress-inducing music that makes a listener’s heart beat faster can be heard in all sorts of horror movies.
How to make intense music?
Many people mistakenly believe that you can blast the volume of a song to make it more intense, but that is not quite the case. Sure, if you are at a live concert and you can feel the song thumping through your chest, it may feel intense. But when it comes to making music that is inherently intense, other factors must be considered. Music-makers who heavily boost the volume of a song in the creation process actually destroy the finer sonic details by over-compressing. Instead, try mixing your mid-range frequencies at sufficient levels. When a song has a strong mid presence, the human ear perceives it as louder, even if the actual volume is low. You can also experiment with saturation. This can offer your song a gritty feel by adding depth and texture. Playing with the density can also intensify a song. The density refers to how many sounds you have in your mix at a given time that have similar volume levels. When there are multiple percussive sounds happening at once, for example, the listener is likely to experience the song as intense.
What are some intense songs?
Ask two different people to name intense songs and you are bound to get back very different answers. Some think of classic rock songs such as Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” while others will jump to angry classical music pieces composed by Beethoven. PremiumBeat’s collection of intense music provides you with an auditory experience of epic songs. For a driving, restless song that features dramatic strings and stirs up feelings of passion, check out “Tempestuous Strings.” For a more abrasive and heavy song that emphasizes industrial elements such as ethnic strings and synth bass to create a feeling of ferocity in listeners, try “Hybrid Sport Trap.” With the variety available in our collection, you are sure to find an intense song that suits your needs. If you’d like to learn more about using intense music to create a mood in your video trailers, check our blog post out.
Can intense music make you angry?
Yes, in fact, intense music can stir up all sorts of emotions in listeners. Research conducted by Dennis Hsu of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University revealed that certain musical components, such as an intense guitar solo or heavy bass, express a sense of power. This sense of power can actually have a contagious effect on listeners, making them feel powerful as well. UC Berkeley researchers have mapped 13 key emotions triggered by listening to music. This list includes sadness, scariness, triumph, annoyance, defiance, relaxation, and feeling pumped up. Of this list, intense music is most likely to make a listener feel triumphant, defiant, and pumped up. Some people listen to calm music to soothe their anger, while others find catharsis in intense music that provides an external soundtrack of sorts for the emotions they are experiencing internally.

Looking for something specific?

Take a deep-dive into our music collection and find intense music by instruments.

How to use intense music

Using intense music for YouTube videos

Intense music can take your YouTube video to the next level while keeping your viewers fully engaged. Of course, before you search for the perfect intense music to add to your video, you’ll want to be sure such music is a good tonal fit for your content. A makeup tutorial, cooking lesson, or light-hearted interview likely would not benefit from intense music, unless you are going for a humorous response in viewers (i.e. if your video is titled Most Intense Makeup Tutorial Ever). In general, heavier sounding music will intensify the viewer’s sense of conflict in a scene while songs with fast, unyielding beats will add energy. If you have created content that is intended to be viewed as dramatic, serious, or epic, then intense music will be an invaluable tool in your editing process.

Using intense music for gaming

Video game music can directly affect the player’s emotional experience of the game. An intense song can increase the player’s heart rate, cause their palms to sweat, and ultimately may make a specific gaming challenge that much more difficult because the player now must also contend with their own physiological response to the musical intensity. When adding music to a video game, it is important to keep in mind that the gamer’s actions will directly affect the length of the song. If the gamer’s character dies and the scene restarts, so too will the music.

Alternatively, the gamer may fly through a series of challenges and arrive at a major battle quickly, a scene change which may require a corresponding change in music. Because of the variability in the time it will take a given gamer to complete a task, it is key to have a few different musical elements ready to go. You will definitely want a main loop, a short and repeatable section of music that can play over and over until the gameplay changes. Transition music will signify to players that the gameplay is shifting. Stinger music can be played to represent an important event in a game. Have fun with it and your gamers likely will too.

Using intense music in trailers

In a trailer, you only have a few minutes to make a powerful first impression so you want to be sure to catch and hold your audience’s attention. Intense music is a powerful way to create a mood that will help your trailer stick in the minds of viewers (and get them excited about the release of your feature!). Try to sync up your visual editing with the strong beats or rhythmic shifts in the music. If you come across a song that matches the tone of your trailer, you can use it as a guideline when editing. Make sure you hit the key transitions so that the music and trailer complement one another. This will create a cohesive feel for the trailer and enhance your perceived professionalism in the eyes of viewers.
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