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Thousands of the best royalty-free tracks are at your fingertips, including powerhouse orchestral cues, authentic indie songs, and more. Plus, our expert curation team ensures the collection is always growing.

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Every track comes with loops and short clips so it’s easy to customize your soundtrack to fit any project. You can also enhance or remove individual instruments with stems—included with full tracks where available.
About Licensed Stock Music
What is stock music?
Stock music, which is also often referred to as royalty-free music or production music, is music that has been created without a specific project in mind. Instead, it is generally recorded and shared with a stock music library so that it can be licensed to people in need of tracks for their personal or commercial projects. These creative projects include but are not limited to social media channels, YouTube videos, websites, podcasts, and films.

Some stock music libraries are free, such as YouTube’s Audio Library, but these libraries can be rather restrictive. Royalty-free libraries like PremiumBeat come with far less limitations and offer thousands of tracks in a wide variety of musical genres. The licenses for these tracks come at an affordable price and can be paid for with a one-time fee. Customers don’t need to worry about paying any ongoing fees or royalties because the music licensing sites take care of that for them.
What is music licensing for stock music?
While music licensing for copyrighted music can be an expensive and time-consuming process, the steps for licensing stock music are straightforward and the licenses are far more affordable. Copyrighted tracks generally require that the licensee pay royalties, that is, ongoing fees, to the copyright holder or holders. Stock music, on the other hand, is royalty-free, so customers only need to pay a flat fee for a license. That fee is usually split between the stock music site and the original creator of the song. There is no one-size-fits-all music license for stock music. Different stock music sites offer licenses that delineate the ways in which a given track can be used. It is important that customers carefully read the details of the various licenses so that they choose the one that meets their needs and are aware of the ways in which they are allowed to use their chosen track.
How does music licensing work?
Music licensing involves paying for a license that grants the right to use a track in a project that will be shared with the public. This is done to protect the rights of the original creator, as well as to prevent the licensee from being hit with a copyright claim for using music without permission. The licensing process for mainstream, copyrighted music can involve multiple music licenses and hefty fees, but the stock music licensing streamlines the process. A stock music site like PremiumBeat puts all the music licenses in one place so that customers do not have to spend time researching and contacting copyright holders to obtain various licenses. Instead, all the customer needs to do is pay a one-time fee for the music license that covers the needs of his or her project. The stock music can then be downloaded and used in that project in perpetuity, meaning forever.
Where can I get licensed stock music?
There are numerous royalty-free stock music sites on the internet. To ensure that you are getting access to the highest quality audio tracks, look no further than PremiumBeat. With over 20,000 licensed stock music beats and counting, PremiumBeat is bound to have the sound you need for your next project. Utilize our many filter options to effortlessly discover your perfect track. Search by Genres, Mood, BPM (Beats Per Minute), and more.

If you find a track you love, you can easily find similar tracks by clicking the track’s title and scrolling down to “More songs like this one.” Click the “heart” icon to add songs to your list of favorites or click the “music note” icon to add tracks to a playlist. When you are ready to purchase your tracks, all you need to do is add them to your cart and head to checkout. Select the license that meets the needs of your project, pay a one-time fee for your license, and download your music.
What are the most popular licensed stock music genres?
There are just as many genres of stock music as there are for regular music. Because people purchase stock songs for use in a variety of projects, the popular stock genres tend to be those that work well as background music. Some of the most popular stock music genres include:

Jazz: We have quite a jazz collection within the walls of our virtual library. From the bouncy club sounds of Acid Jazz to the traditional jazz of Dixieland and everything in between, if you’re looking for jazz, you’ve come to the right place. Jazz can make an excellent addition to a group scene in a film project. For an upbeat swing track perfect for an old school party sequence, check out “One for the Road.” For something slick and luxurious that would work well in a glossy, upscale hotel scene, consider smooth jazz track “Ennui Girl.”

Electronic: This genre is home to diverse types of music. The ASMR subgenre consists of atmospheric and relaxing tracks, whereas Trip-Hop beats often have more of a chill head-bobbing quality to them. Check out “ASMR Cosmic Rain” and “Golden Time” for prime examples of an ASMR and Trip-Hop track, respectively.

Pop: Due to the mainstream popularity of the pop genre, tracks that fall into this category can work well in commercials and other advertising materials. Looking for upbeat, catchy beats that will hook your audience right away? Take a listen to some of our Electro Pop tracks, which combine elements of the electronic and pop genre. If your brand is intended to appeal to adolescents, check out the Bubblegum Pop genre, perfect for a younger audience.

Rock: Get moving by listening to the heavy, driving sounds of Classic Rock or explore subgenres like Surf Rock to be transported back to the groovy Southern California of the ‘60s. With a number of subgenres to choose from, you can easily find a Rock track that matches the powerful tone of your project.
What kind of stock music licenses are there?
Stock music licenses vary from site to site. Here on PremiumBeat, licensing music has never been easier. We offer flexible license options to meet the needs and budgets of every customer. For a one-time fee of $49 USD, customers can receive the Standard license. This license covers worldwide distribution for all personal use projects and most creative projects (i.e. web advertisements and podcasts). For those in need of coverage for projects with expanded distribution, such as TV shows, films, apps, and games, we offer the Premium license for a one-time fee of $199 USD. People with ongoing music needs can opt for our subscription services to save 70%. This monthly subscription grants customers 5 Standard license tracks every month for just $12.99 per track. All tracks include the full-length song, as well as loops, stems, and shorts. Once you have purchased any of our licenses, you are covered for unlimited use within your project in perpetuity.
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Superior Music, Superior Selection

Over 20,000 royalty-free tracks all in one place? That’s right. Better yet, all of the music you hear on PremiumBeat has undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure that our library is only home to the best of the best. Our expert curation team is always hard at work adding new, professionally created tracks to our ever-growing library.

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When you license a track from PremiumBeat, you don’t just get the full-length song. You also get loops and short clips, making it that much easier to edit your new sound into your project. Some tracks even allow you to enhance or remove individual instruments with stems. Find your perfect music in our library today.

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Regardless of whether you need high-quality tracks for a personal or commercial project, you can easily find your ideal piece of music on PremiumBeat. Our multitude of filters greatly cut down on search time so you can discover tracks in a variety of genres and musical stylings in moments. Head to our search engine now to see for yourself.

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