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Dive into PremiumBeat’s extensive music library and swim back up to the surface with audio pearls. With so many high-quality songs to explore, you’re bound to discover tracks that are perfect for your next project.

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An Epic Library of Remarkable Music

With a music library that spans a vast range of musical styles, from folk to electronic, country to classical, it will be more difficult to narrow down the songs you love than it will be to find songs in the first place. Each and every song you hear is hand-picked in order to offer you only the highest quality music. These songs go way beyond your typical stock music sound.

Exceptional Music for Any Project

Amplify your project’s emotional impact and deliver your message in style by adding any of our royalty-free musical tracks to your video or film trailer, presentation or podcast. We have songs well-suited for every sort of project, so you play on your audience’s heartstrings or drum up some excitement. Whatever you need, you’re sure to find in our music library.

Safe for Use on YouTube™ and Vimeo®

When you add songs from PremiumBeat to your YouTube or Vimeo video, everyone wins. Not only will your video sound professional, which will help keep your audience engaged, but you can also relax knowing you have no copyright issues to worry about. Your video won’t be flagged, blocked, or taken down, which means your hard work won’t go to waste.
About music libraries
What is a music library?
A production music library, also known as a stock music library, is a collection of recorded music that customers can license for use in a number of projects, from film and television to radio, podcasts, and other media. These projects may be non-commercially distributed or revenue-generating content. The music in the library is typically written and recorded with the specific intention of later use in the projects of interested parties. This way, customers can browse the various genres and musical stylings available in the library while keeping their personal project in mind, ultimately finding a suitable song far faster than it would take to write an entirely new song. When customers find a song they love, they simply add it to their cart, head to check out, and select the music license option that meets their needs. They can then instantly download the song and start incorporating it into their project.
What are some of the most popular music libraries?
A quick internet search will reveal a whole host of music libraries. Just so happens PremiumBeat is a popular, easy to use choice. Active since 2009, PremiumBeat now has over 20,000 high-quality musical tracks for customers to choose from. Our many advanced filter options make finding the perfect song a breeze. Need a catchy intro tune for your podcast? Go to our “Genres” filter and check out our “Audio Logos.” Looking for an inspirational little tune to use in your corporate video? You can be that specific in your search by going to the “Genres” filter and selecting “Inspirational” from the “Corporate” option. Each and every song you hear in our library has been hand-picked by our team to ensure you have access to the best of the best. All songs have been cleared for both online and offline usage, so you can add them to your projects with peace of mind.
How do you choose a music library?
When choosing the stock music library you want to work with, there are a few qualities to look for on its site:

High-quality website: Does the website strike you as professional? Or are there odd little pop-ups and clickbait awaiting you at every turn? Does it have a well-designed search engine? How about a thoughtful FAQ page? If it’s clear that thought and care went into the creation of the site, odds are good you have a high-quality music library on your hands.

Library size: The familiar saying “the more the merrier” applies to library size, but with a caveat: Is the library full of high-quality music? A library may have thousands of musical tracks, but if the quality is low or unprofessional, it won’t help you much. You want a library that offers a vast selection of professional tracks.

Cost to license: Is there a page on the site that clearly explains what you will be paying for when you license a song? Does the price strike you as reasonable? You want to feel confident that you are getting a fair price and that the music library has taken care of licensing requirements on their end.
What is the biggest music library?
The bigger music libraries may have as many as 400,000 artists uploading and sharing their music for others to license for use in advertisements, YouTube videos, and so on. Sites such as this, however, do not involve careful curation of incoming content. Artists upload as they please and set their own licensing fees. PremiumBeat, on the other hand, carefully reviews every song that is submitted in order to ensure it is both high quality and a good fit for our library. Rather than force customers to swim through a vast amount of mediocre content, we focus on offering only the best of the best. Because we have been doing this for years, we now have over 20,000 tracks of the highest quality. We have songs in every genre and subgenre you can imagine, as well as an extensive list of moods, instruments, and more to explore.
How do I get my music into a music library?
If you are a composer interested in creating tracks to then publish in a music library, be sure to check out our New Artist page.

Before submitting, verify that your music is:

100% original: You must own and control 100% of the copyright of both the master recording and the composition. No sound-alikes or samples are permitted.

Exclusively available: Music will not be accepted on a non-exclusive basis. This means that while you may submit music that you have placed elsewhere as examples of your work, any songs that we accept to our library will need to be exclusively available.

Free of 3rd party rights: PremiumBeat acts as the exclusive music publisher for all compositions in our library, promoting and representing them to our clients worldwide.

If you meet the above requirements, by all means, submit your work for consideration!

Looking for a specific music track in our music library?

Take a deep-dive into our music collection and filter tracks by styles and moods:

Multi-purpose music library

Music library for YouTube

You can use royalty-free music and sound effects from the YouTube Audio library in your video content. To access this library, sign in to YouTube Studio. Look to the left menu and select Audio Library. You can search for music by using the filters and/or search bar. If you have a specific track in mind, enter that track title or artist in the search bar. If you are looking to search more generally, play around with the filters. You can search by genre, mood, attribution, and duration. Save your favorites by clicking the star icon next to the track title. You can then refer back to your list of favorites by clicking the Starred tab. New releases are added to the YouTube Audio Library twice a month. If you want fresh tracks sooner than that, check out PremiumBeat. You might just find a song you love that hasn’t been heavily utilized by other YouTube users.

Music library for videos

The PremiumBeat music library makes it easy to find music to match any video. Check out our filter options. Want something upbeat to get your audience grooving in their seats? Play around with our BPM (beats per minute) slider. The higher the BPM, the faster the track. Or maybe you want something sweeping and instrumental to enhance the drama of your film trailer? You could search by Genre and select “Human Drama” from the Piano / Solo Instrumental option, or select “Cinematic” or “Trailer” from the Production / Film Scores option. Once you find the song that suits the needs of your video, add it to your cart and head to check out to select your license. When you license a song from PremiumBeat, you get more than just the full track. You also get loops and short clips of your chosen song. This dramatically cuts down on the time you would otherwise spend editing the full-length track to fit your video.

Music library for commercial use

To associate positive feelings with the product you are promoting in your commercial, search the PremiumBeat music library by Mood. We have “Feel Good,” “Happy / Cheerful,” “Uplifting” and more. Upon finding the track that is perfect for your commercial project, add it to your cart and go to check out to select the appropriate license. If you are working on a non-web advertisement or revenue-generating content, select the Premium license. For just a one-time fee of $199, your project will be covered in perpetuity. This includes YouTube, Netflix, podcasts, social media, and other online advertising. Use the track in a TV series intended for a worldwide audience or a film with a budget as high as $2 million. To check out all the details for yourself and get started today, go to our licensing page:
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Curated content

Our team handpicks each and every song in our library, so you can trust you are hearing only the best of the best.

Advanced search options

Search the PremiumBeat music library by Genre, Mood, Duration, and more. With so many specific options available, from Dubstep to Folk-Pop and beyond, you are sure to find your perfect track in no time.

Music from around the world

With songs that feature sounds from Africa, China, India, and many more countries and cultures, you can take yourself on a world tour without leaving the comfort of your home.

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