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When it comes to finalizing a video project, you’ve got enough to worry about. Check music licensing off your list by opting for any song you hear and love from the PremiumBeat library. We’ve got you covered.

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Discover music you love, add it to your cart, and then head to checkout to choose one of our two easy-to-understand music licensing options. Go for the Standard license if your content is web-based or non-commercially distributed, and opt for the Premium license if you are working on a non-web advertisement or revenue-generating content. Pay your one-time fee and use forever.

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With a library that spans an epic range of genres, from audio logos to film scores, blues to hip hop, you are sure to find exactly the sort of sound to meet your needs. Explore our various filter options to further hone in on the exact sort of song you want for your project. Search the library by vocals, mood, BPM, duration, and more.

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When you license a song from PremiumBeat, you don’t just get the full track. You also get loops and short clips as part of the package. This means that no matter the length of your video, you will have the audio puzzle pieces you need to tweak your soundtrack until it fits just right. This saves you on time spent editing and cutting the full track down yourself.

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Want to offer your video the best chance at becoming a social media powerhouse? The right soundtrack goes a long way. When you choose PremiumBeat, not only will your video sound top-notch, but you also won’t have to worry about your content being muted or taken down due to copyright issues. Music to your ears, right?
About Music Licensing for Video and Film
What is music licensing?
Music licensing involves the licensed use of copyrighted music. This means that if you use someone else’s song in a project of your own and you intend to share that project with an audience without facing any legal repercussions, you will need to get a music license first. Essentially, music licensing protects the people who own copyrights of musical works. It ensures that these creators or owners are compensated when their music is used by others in certain ways. Often this involves the payment of royalties or recurring fees to the copyright owner. A music license will include the usage and term rights that will determine the ways in which that song is allowed to be used. There are different types of music licenses, from a theatrical license which allows for a copyrighted song to be performed on-stage in front of an audience, to a synchronization license meant for songs that will be linked up with some form of visual media.
How do I license music?
If you are hoping to license a well-known song for use in a personal or work-related project, start by checking out music rights organizations (performance rights organizations - PRO). These organizations can grant licenses or provide contact information so that you can reach out to a record label or music publisher that could then grant the license. Some music rights organizations that may have the songs you’re hoping to license include SESAC, BMI, and ASCAP.

If you don’t want to go through the song and dance of reaching out to record labels, you’ve come to the right place. To license music in a few quick clicks, simply explore the PremiumBeat library (we also have PRO-free tracks). When you find the songs that are perfect for your project, add them to your cart and head to checkout. You will then be presented with easy-to-understand licensing options. Select the license that best suits your needs and download your tracks.
How do I license music for Youtube?
If you want to use someone else’s music in your YouTube video, you will need permission from the original creator. YouTube uses an advanced software called Content ID that scans all uploaded videos for copyright infringement. If Content ID finds a video that is using a copyrighted song without permission, the video maker may receive a claim or YouTube may mute or take down the video.

The easiest way to license music for YouTube is to check out a royalty-free music library like PremiumBeat. This is the best way to ensure that you can use a song in your video while remaining 100% legally protected. Discover new songs you love, add them to your cart, and then go to checkout. Select the Standard license, as this will cover web content such as YouTube, as well as podcasts, social media, and online advertising.
How much does a music license cost?
PremiumBeat offers a variety of music licensing options to meet your needs. Just looking for a single track? Check out the two flexible license options that both include unlimited use of your chosen song within your project. The license you choose will depend on the type of project you have in mind. If your content is web-based or non-commercially distributed, opt for the Standard license. For a one-time fee of $49, you can use the license worldwide in perpetuity. If, on the other hand, your project is a non-web advertisement or includes revenue-generating content, then purchasing the Premium license for $199 will be the way to go. You can save over 70% on your music licensing tracks by activating your Monthly Subscription. For just $12.99 per track, you will get 5 Standard license tracks a month with a 3-month commitment. If you love music and know you need it to take your projects to the next level, the Monthly Subscription will have you singing our praises.
How do I license my own music?
There are many ways to license your own music. One way is to hire a sync licensing agent who will pitch your songs for you. These agents often know music supervisors and others in the music industry who just might have an interest in using your sound in their next project. Alternatively, you can submit to music licensing companies. Creatives often check out such sites to find music for their visual projects. PremiumBeat is open to submissions as well! You’ll just need to meet the following criteria:

100% original music: You own and control 100% of the copyright for both the composition and master recording of the music. Sound-alikes and samples cannot be submitted.

Exclusively available: While you may submit tracks that have already been placed in other stock libraries as examples of your work, PremiumBeat requires exclusive rights for all tracks that are added to our library.

Free of 3rd party rights: PremiumBeat acts as the exclusive music publisher for all musical compositions in our library.

Looking for a specific music track for your YouTube video?

Take a deep-dive into our music collection and filter tracks by instruments.

Why license music?

Music licensing for advertising

If you want to use a copyrighted song in your advertisement, you will need both a Master Use license and a Synchronization license. The Master Use license comes from the label, whereas the Synchronization license comes from the publisher. The cost of these licenses varies depending on the intended usage and popularity of the song. With low-end TV usage, such as when a song is playing from a jukebox but none of the characters in the scene are paying attention to the music, the song may be free or cost as much as $2,000 for a 5-year license. That same situation in a film, however, would cost $10,000 in perpetuity. Commercial fees for music licensing are by far the highest. A single song can cost anywhere from $25,000 to over $500,000 per year. A far more affordable option? Find a catchy song on PremiumBeat and select the Premium license for just $199.

Music licensing for artists

If you are an artist hoping to license your music, there are a few helpful things to know before you get started. First things first, know what you control. Each time you write and record a song of your own creation, both the composition (i.e. the lyrics and melody) and the master (i.e. sound recording) of the song are copyrighted. You can then sign away the composition to a publisher and the master to a record label. If an interested party comes along and requests to use your song in an episode of their TV show, for example, they will need to license both the composition and the master. Each of these licenses have key points that you will want to be clear about from the get-go. These points include but are not limited to the term (i.e. the length of the license), the territory (i.e. where the song is allowed to be broadcast), and exclusivity (i.e. can the song be licensed out to another interested party during the term of the license).

Music licensing for live streaming

Just like any other use of intellectual property, the music performed in a live stream is subject to copyright protection. So if you intend to live stream a concert or other event that includes music you will need a broadcast license. Be sure to check out Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) such as Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) or the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) to see if the licenses are available for the tracks you intend to live stream before you start live streaming. If they are indeed available, you can then decide on a live stream platform. If you intend to live stream on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and your songs are registered with BMI or ASCAP, then you are covered under the performance rights agreements of those platforms. If, however, your songs are not registered with those PROs, you may need to secure performance licenses for your chosen songs from the copyright holders themselves. On the other hand, you can always use PremiumBeat music. Our Standard and Premium licenses cover live streaming.
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