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If you need an audio library with excellent breaking news intro music, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re covering breaking news or looking for network or industry news music, PremiumBeat is here for you.

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PremiumBeat offers a Standard License, Premium License, and Monthly Subscription plan at reasonable rates, making it easy for you to find Royalty Free Breaking News music on any budget.

Increase Production Value

When you add the right news music to your breaking news segment, it makes your listeners trust your news show or podcast. PremiumBeat offers you thousands of royalty free tracks from artists all over the globe, so you can pick the perfect music to elevate the production value of your news show or podcast.

Engage Your Audience

Add the perfect background music to your news show to capture the attention of your audience. Set the tone with the right background news music - whether you are looking for some “moody blues” or even “experimental” music, you’ll find the best blocks of music for your news story in our library.
About news music
What is news music?
News music is music that news producers and creators use as background music for their news shows and podcasts. Many news creators and producers share their news shows on YouTube or through podcasts in an effort to engage their audience of choice. News music lets the audience know they are watching or listening to a credible, trustworthy news source while underscoring the tone and emotion of the news piece.
Whether the show covers breaking world news, entertainment or music industry news, local or national elections - there is a variety of music that captures the tone of every news story. PremiumBeat offers a wide selection of tracks for opens, closing segments, bumpers and stingers, or any other part of your news show or podcast.
What is the best background music for a news intro?
The psychological effect of music is important to consider when choosing background music for a news segment. Ideally, the best background music for a news intro is compelling but not distracting. For bulletins and breaking news, quick sound elements or sound effects can pull the audience in while not interfering with the news segment. The best background music for a news intro will pull the audience in and set up the host or anchor by establishing the tone and energy of the show.

Picking the right track to match the tone and style of the news show is key. A network news show or election coverage will have more stark and serious music, while entertainment or music industry news can be more playful. The best news producers know their show and audience, which gives them a clear idea of the music they need to choose to produce the emotional impact needed for any given story. The background music that introduces the show will not only pull the audience in but let them know what to expect.
How is news music created?
News music is created with a wide variety of instruments, and the inspiration for that music can come from all over the music world, from blues to pop, experimental and beyond. Typically, networks will give news music composers a brief or outline to describe the feeling and tone they need for a given segment.
News music composers will often work through many rounds of revision with news producers and directors to make sure the track has the right impact and timing for their show and segment. Thankfully, PremiumBeat’s music is all 100% original. Plus, we have the exclusive rights to all of our tracks, allowing you to easily purchase royalty free background music for your news intro. With a huge variety of styles and tone and lots of flexibility in length and style, you will find the perfect music for your news show.
Where can I find news music to download?
The Internet has a selection of music libraries that offer options for news music to their customers, but if you want an extensive and diverse collection, PremiumBeat is the best music website available. Our news music audio options work well as news music background tracks, opens, closing segments, and more. To find beats reminiscent of network news music, use our intuitive and robust search engine to discover excellent current music for your news show.
Simply head to our search engine and click the “Genres” filter option. Scroll down to the “News” option to see our full catalog - you can even separate “Headlines” from “Radio Imaging” tracks. With a huge list of tracks to explore, you’re sure to find the right music to elevate your news show. After you’ve found the perfect track, be sure to add them to your cart and head to checkout. We have a variety of flexible license plans to choose from. Simply pay a one-time fee and download your tracks. Add the perfect background music to your news show or podcast right away.
Can I use copyrighted music in my YouTube news channel?
Using copyrighted music on YouTube can be a challenge. To legally use copyrighted music, you must receive approval from the original creator. This can be a time-consuming process but having permission is absolutely necessary. If you post a news video on YouTube that contains a copyrighted song you do not have permission to use, your video may be muted or taken down.

While it is possible to use public domain news music, that is, music that has no exclusive intellectual or property rights applied to it, these music options are limited, and may not be best suited to the exact needs of your news show. The best way to avoid copyright issues entirely is to use royalty-free tracks from PremiumBeat. Whether you buy an individual standard license for $49 or opt for our subscription plan of $12.99 for five tracks per month, you can rest assured you have the rights to use our tracks in your news show.

Looking for specific news music?

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How to use news music:

News music for podcasts

Great music will elevate your podcast, and let your listeners know you have credibility and authority in your field. When selecting music for your news podcast, it’s important to consider the tone and feel of your show in order to pick the perfect track.
Background music for breaking news should excite and engage the listener, letting them know the news is about to start while not distracting or interfering with the host and his or her message. Entertainment or music industry news can be more playful or even fun, allowing your listeners to know they are getting the news from a charismatic and inside source. It is important to pick background music that tells the listener exactly what show they are listening to, so consider who your intended audience is and what your ongoing content will be.

News music for YouTube

When selecting the perfect news music beds for your YouTube news show, it is important to consider the tone of your show and channel. The background music and cues are a powerful way to brand your channel, just as the visuals of your videos tell the news story to your audience.
Most news channels will find a short music cue to pull their audience in and introduce the host of the show. Throughout the video, they will use a variety of “cues” (different music and sound effects) to transition from segment to segment, or to add emotional weight to a particular news story. Using music cues throughout the video can create momentum and emotionally engage the audience in a whole new way, making your channel their go-to source for whatever news you cover. You can also record a voiceover introducing your news show and edit that into the track, saying, “And this is Music News Today,” for example, as a sort of tag at the end of the track.

How to create your own breaking news video

To make your own breaking news video, you first must have some breaking news to cover. Whether you are a seasoned journalist or diving into the news for the first time, you will want to gather as much information about your story as possible. Consider the emotional impact of the story you are covering. Is it exciting, frightening, inspiring? Also, look at the sources for the story you are covering. A primary source such as an interview will resonate differently with your audience than aggregating and gathering reports from other news sources.
Whether you are covering a variety of stories or doing a deep dive into one specific news story, start to think about the emotional journey you want the audience to experience. After you have gathered your sources and crafted and filmed your coverage, you will want to pick the best music possible to underscore your show. Head to PremiumBeat now for the best collection of background and breaking news music.
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