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Evoking reflective moods and heartfelt emotion, these delicate piano melodies can be used to emphasize feelings of love, longing and loneliness.

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The piano is a powerful instrument capable of evoking diverse emotions. We’ve made it easy to find your ideal track with our piano music mood search.
About Piano Music
What is piano music?
In the most general sense, “piano music” refers to music that is created using the piano. To create sound with a piano, the pianist presses the keys of the instrument, which causes small hammers to strike tuned strings. “Piano music” may also refer to sheet music that is meant to be played on piano.

In music, the term “piano” refers to the soft volume at which an instrument may be played. It is the opposite of “forte,” which means to be played loudly. There are many genres of piano music. Classical, Blues, and Liturgical are just a few of the styles in which piano music may be played. It is generally recommended that piano music be accompanied by violin, cello, or saxophone, as they are easier to work with than instruments such as the clarinet, viola, or bass. Condenser microphones are the preferred method for recording piano because they work well with instruments that produce higher frequencies.
What is baroque piano music?
There are many types of piano music. Baroque is one such piano style. The term “Baroque” is derived from the Portuguese “barroco,” which means “oddly shaped pearl.” This negative description was applied to the period of Western European art and music that ran from about 1600 to 1750 as a way to describe the heavily ornamented music of the time. It is during this Baroque period that the piano as we know it today was created. Italian instrument maker Bartolomeo Cristofori designed a keyboard that resembled a harpsichord but functioned differently.

In the piano, the strings were struck with hammers instead of being plucked by pieces of leather. This was done so that the performer would have control over the volume and sound produced by the instrument. The Baroque period constitutes the most formative years of piano composition. Composers from this time include J.S. Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, and Giovanni Benedetto Platti. Baroque piano music can be characterized by its melody (emphasis on a single melodic idea), texture (balance of melody with chordal harmony), and rhythm (continuous rhythmic drive).
Is piano considered classical music?
Piano is not by definition classical music. It is an instrument that is widely used in classical music as well as jazz music and other genres. That said, the development of the pianoforte by Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1689 paved the way for many classical composers to embrace the dynamic instrument. From about 1782 onward, Mozart used the fortepiano for both composing and performing his music. Between 1782 and 1785, he composed a handful of piano concertos that he performed for the public.

Many of his piano pieces are widely popular to this day, often played in films and commercials. Another classical composer to embrace the piano was Beethoven. He learned to play it as a child and continued to improvise with it later in life when he was deaf. In fact, he had a hearing machine fitted to his piano. You can check out the piano tracks available in PremiumBeat’s classical music collection, by clicking here.
Is piano music copyrighted?
Yes, piano music is copyrighted just as all other music is copyrighted. The copyright lasts the length of the original creator’s life plus an additional seventy years. This means that classical piano music that was created between the years 1600 and 1750 are a part of the public domain. Anyone can choose to cover those songs and upon doing so, their cover is copyrighted. When a modern musician creates an original piano composition, it is also copyrighted. This means that anyone interested in performing covers of these popular piano pieces must pay royalties, that is, ongoing fees, to the original creator. Two types of licenses must be obtained for those interested in sharing their covers in a video on a streaming platform such as YouTube: the mechanical license and the sync license. The mechanical license covers the audio portion of the track while the sync license grants permission to use the track in conjunction with an audiovisual project. Obtaining the rights to copyrighted songs can be a pricy, time-consuming process. For piano music lovers that want to save time and money on tracks for their projects, royalty-free piano music is the way to go. All of the piano tracks you hear on PremiumBeat are royalty-free, meaning you can purchase your license with a simple click and never need to worry about paying ongoing fees.
Where can I get royalty-free piano music?
Plenty of music sites offer royalty-free piano music but if you want a library filled with compelling tracks that have been carefully curated to ensure that they are of the highest quality, look no further than PremiumBeat. Musicians from around the world regularly submit their tracks to us so our vast collection is always growing. To explore the piano songs available to you, start by going to the PremiumBeat search engine. You will see a list of filters on the left side of the page. Click “Instruments” and scroll down to select “Piano.”

With over 11,000 piano tracks at your fingertips, you are bound to find one that is a perfect fit for your project. Add keywords to the search bar and utilize the other advanced filters to further specify the sort of song you want to hear. You can search by Genres (i.e. blues, classical, electronic), Mood (i.e. epic / orchestral, romantic / sentimental, sad / nostalgic), BPM (Beats Per Minute), and more. Click the heart or musical note icon to the right of a track’s title to add it to favorites or a playlist, respectively. When you have found the piano music you want for your project, add the tracks to your cart and head to checkout. Select one of our affordable license options and pay a one-time fee to download your royalty-free music in moments.

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Use PremiumBeat’s “Mood” filter to find piano music to match any occasion. Whether you are looking to set the scene with something romantic or find a stirring background track for an emotional moment in your film, PremiumBeat’s collection of piano music has you covered. Piano to set the mood for adventure, laughter, suspense, and more await. Find your perfect piano track today.

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Close your eyes while listening to one of PremiumBeat’s lavish and extravagant piano tracks and you might just feel as if you are at a black-tie affair. When you download our piano tracks, you can imbue your projects with a rich atmosphere for a price that won’t break the bank. Our Standard license is available for a one-time fee of $49 USD, while the Premium license, which allows for expanded distribution of your project across mediums, is available for just $199 USD. Both licenses offer you unlimited use of the track within your project in perpetuity, meaning forever.

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