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Famous superheroes often soar through the sky or leap into action as their superhero music theme plays in the background. To create this epic effect, add instrumental theme songs from PremiumBeat to your next superhero film today.

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Make Your Movie Memorable

A well-composed film score has the power to stay with viewers long after they have left the theater. When you add epic superhero music from PremiumBeat to your films, trailers, or YouTube videos, you increase the chances that your project will stick with your audience. Find compelling superhero tracks on PremiumBeat today.

Increase the Drama

Research has found that music has a number of physiological effects on listeners. It can influence the internal processes that regulate blood pressure and heart rate, evoke specific emotions, and more. Use this to your advantage by adding high-energy music to your superhero film to effectively stir up a sense of drama and excitement in viewers.

Engage Your Audience

You know how your favorite songs can catch and hold your attention the entire way through? Thrilling superhero music can have the very same effect on your viewers. Catch and hold your audience’s attention by adding epic tracks to your superhero projects. Discover tracks on PremiumBeat that will pull your audience to the edge of their seats and keep them wanting more.
About superhero music
What is superhero music?
Superhero music is the music played in association with a specific superhero. Most superhero films are a subgenre of action and adventure films, so the corresponding superhero music generally fits into the epic music genre one would expect to hear in such films. That said, some superhero films are more along the lines of the sci-fi or fantasy genres, so the superhero music created for such films features musical elements often heard in those movies.

Over the years, composers have created memorable superhero soundtracks and theme songs that match the tone of the featured superhero. Prior to dramatic superhero film scores, there were the more upbeat theme songs of superhero cartoons. The 1941 Superman cartoon featured a classic theme song concept with bright notes and a patriotic tone. This is notably different from the 80s superhero music created by composer Danny Elfman for Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. Elfman managed to depict a darker, more complex superhero with his moody orchestral tracks.
What are some of the best theme songs for superheroes?
One of the most iconic superhero theme songs is Neil Hefti’s “Batman Theme” from 1966. Surf guitar and the upbeat repetition of “na na na na na na na na Batman!” has helped this song have staying power over the years. One year later, the ‘60s animated Spider-Man theme song came out in conjunction with the Saturday morning cartoon. Careful composing went into this creation: The music was written by Stanley Kubrick’s collaborator Bob Harris and the lyrics were penned by Academy Award-winner Paul Francis Webster.

As superhero films have become major blockbusters, more and more high profile composers have tried their hand at scoring the films. German composer Ramin Djawadi created the score for the 2008 Iron Man film, while Danny Elfman composed the soundtrack to the Justice League film released in 2017. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard teamed up to compose the score for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, resulting in a very popular soundtrack.
Why is music important in superhero films?
The power of music is undeniable in superhero films. Many of today’s beloved superheroes first came to life on the page. Artists gave these comic book superheroes unique powers and costumes that helped them stand out in the minds of readers. When these superhero comics were adapted for the screen, however, a new element could be added to make these figures that much more memorable: music. The otherworldly power of superheroes can be emphasized by pairing on-screen dramatics with a strong soundtrack.

This music helps set the tone and establish the world in which the superhero lives. Cheesy superhero music can be playful and catchy and matches the tone of a child’s superhero cartoon. Classical music can be played in conjunction with key action sequences, ultimately increasing the sense of suspense and thrill. Schubert’s String Quartet No. 13, for example, plays in Marvel’s 2012 Avengers film. The quartet bursts to life just as Loki begins his attack.
Where can I find good superhero theme songs?
To find good superhero theme songs, check out PremiumBeat’s music library. Whether you are looking for instrumental theme songs, epic music, dramatic music, or a combination of the three, we’ve got you covered. To get started, head to the PremiumBeat search engine. Use the filters on the left side of the page to specify the sort of track you want to hear.

For instrumental tracks, scroll down to the “Advanced” filter and select “Instrumental Only” from the dropdown menu. For epic songs, click the “Mood” filter and select “Epic / Orchestral.” You can also click the “Genre” filter and select “Action,” “Adventure,” or “Epic.” When you find a superhero track you love, add it to your cart and go to check out to select the license that meets your needs. Pay your one-time fee and download your track. It really is that simple.
How to download superhero instrumental background music for free?
You can easily find superhero music instrumentals for free downloads on the PremiumBeat library. Go to the search engine and look at the filters on the left side of the page. Scroll down to “Advanced” and select “Free Tracks” from the corresponding dropdown menu. Take a listen to the tracks available in our free music collection. Have a modern superhero strutting through a cityscape? Try our track “L.A. Nightlife” to add to the slick, carefree mood. Is your superhero blasting off into the sky to ponder their thoughts? Check out “No Vertical Limit” for a bright, downtempo track or “Fly Away” for an encouraging, flowing sound. When you have landed on the track that matches your superhero, add it to your cart. You will be prompted to create or log in to a PremiumBeat account. Once you have done that, you can download your free superhero tracks and start using them in your projects immediately.

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How to use superhero music:

Why royalty-free superhero music is risk-free compared to original music

Want superhero music free of risk? Use royalty free tracks in your next project. The alternative, copyrighted original music, presents some challenges. To legally use such music in your projects, you first need to obtain the rights from the copyright holder or holders. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process. If you were to publicly share that music without obtaining the rights, you could be hit with a copyright infringement case or have your videos muted or taken down. When you use royalty free superhero music from PremiumBeat, you don’t have to worry about legal repercussions. We have simplified the licensing process for you so that after you pay your one-time fee for the license most appropriate for your project, you will have the right to use your track in that project in perpetuity, meaning forever.

Superhero music for YouTube

To help your YouTube superhero video soar above the competition, be sure to include compelling superhero music. The music you use will depend on the personality of your superhero and the tone of your video. Cartoon superhero music works well for bright, animated children’s shows, while epic superhero music is more suitable for those multifaceted superheroes that adults tend to resonate with.

When searching for your music, keep in mind who your superhero is and what you want to convey to your audience. Is your superhero an irreverent jokester like Deadpool, or a compassionate and caring immortal like Wonder Woman? For inspiration, listen to the theme songs of superheroes who share characteristics with your own superhero. Are there specific instruments you noticed? Were their songs fast paced or slow and building? What genre would you consider their music to be? Once you feel clear on the above, you can search for similar tracks on PremiumBeat using our “Instruments,” “BPM,” and “Genres” filter.

Superhero music for trailers

Most trailers are about two minutes in length, so you want your superhero music to immediately pull viewers into the world you’ve created. Epic orchestral music has a way of powerfully setting the tone for a superhero action film. You can find such tracks on PremiumBeat by searching using the “Genres” or “Mood” filters. Every track you download comes with 15-, 30-, and 60-second shorts, making it that much easier to edit into your trailer. Try to edit your track so that it aligns with key moments in the trailer. For example, if your superhero abruptly throws a punch, your music might suddenly introduce a new drumbeat that matches the action. You can also time your visual cuts with shifts in the music.
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When you use royalty free superhero music from PremiumBeat in your action-packed YouTube videos, you can rest assured that you have the right to share your musical content with the public. This means no muted videos or takedowns, so your video’s view count can continue to soar.

Carefully curated content

Every song submitted to the PremiumBeat library is carefully considered by our team to ensure that every track you come across is of the highest quality. Find your perfect superhero music on PremiumBeat today.

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All the music you hear on PremiumBeat is 100% original. Check out music made by professionals from around the world. With so many genres and moods to explore, you are bound to find your ideal track in no time.

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