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With a library that spans over 30 diverse genres - from indie-pop to film score, and beyond - it’s easy to find your perfect uncopyrighted music at PremiumBeat.
And because each track is handpicked, our selection is high-quality and exclusive. This isn’t your typical stock music sound.

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For filmmakers, music can be a powerful tool. The right track can make heroes more heroic, and tragedies more tragic. Our music library has been curated with the unique demands of visual storytelling in mind. With our music, your project will hit all the right emotional beats.

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Want to turn your online video into a social media powerhouse? Well, the right soundtrack goes a long way. When you choose PremiumBeat, not only will your video sound incredible, but we’ve taken care of the copyright side of things too. You won’t ever need to worry about video flagging or royalty issues.
About uncopyrighted music
What is uncopyrighted music?
Uncopyrighted music is music that is not exclusively owned by the original creator. An interested party can generally pay a one-time fee to obtain permission for use. Uncopyrighted music can be found in the public domain, under creative commons music licenses, or in royalty-free music libraries. Public domain music can be used without permission or payment because it is not protected by copyright.

Copyright laws protect musical compositions for seventy years after the original author’s death. After those years have passed, the songs become unlicensed music and can be copied, distributed, and performed by anyone who is interested. Creative Commons music is protected by license, but the requirements of the licenses vary. All Creative Commons licenses require that users give credit to the original creator of the song when they share it. Some licenses allow for redistribution of the song as long as it remains in its original state, while others allow the song to be remixed. Royalty-free music libraries such as PremiumBeat offer a wide range of non-copyrighted songs. Users pay a one-time fee to obtain the license and can then employ the tracks in their projects without worrying about paying ongoing fees (i.e. royalties) to the original creator.
How to tell if music is uncopyrighted?
When a song is created, it is automatically copyrighted, meaning only the original creator has the right to make copies or use the song as he or she sees fit. Legally speaking, it is safest to assume a given song is copyrighted before casually adding it to your project, as the copyright owners could hit you with a hefty fine for using their music without permission. That said, you can confirm the copyright status of a song by checking to see if it is in the public domain.

Public domain music is music that no one owns the exclusive rights to. Music generally enters the public domain seventy years after the death of the original artist. Alternatively, you can go to YouTube, search a song and its original artist, and read the corresponding video description. The description should state the owner of the music license in the “Music in this video” section. You can also upload your own video featuring the song to YouTube. Keep your video unlisted or private initially and allow YouTube’s Content ID software to check the status of your song. If it is copyright music, Content ID will give you a warning, so you know that this track has copyright protection and publicly sharing your video would infringe on the license holder’s rights.
How to get uncopyrighted music?
You can get uncopyrighted music right here on PremiumBeat. Simply head to the search engine and type what you’re looking for into the search box. Make use of our many advanced filters to further narrow down your search. When you filter by Genres, Mood, Instruments, and more, you can find copyright-free music that meets your needs in no time. We even have free music for you to download. To listen to your free options, go to the search engine, click “Advanced,” and scroll down to click “Free Tracks.” The resulting tracks can be downloaded for free. These tracks are also royalty-free, however, meaning that PremiumBeat has obtained the rights from the original creators and ensured that these individuals were fairly compensated for their art. While users who download these free tracks won’t have to worry about any fees, the guidelines of our royalty-free music licenses must still be followed when the songs are put in use. Both our Standard and Premium license cover uncopyrighted music for social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.
How to make copyrighted music uncopyrighted?
If you are interested in using copyrighted music in your projects, you will have to obtain the rights to do so. The copyright won’t magically go away and leave you with an uncopyrighted track, but you will be protected from copyright claims. The expenses for licensing music that is copyrighted can be quite high, however. The different types of music licenses are often held by different parties, meaning you must contact each party separately and pay a fee to each.

A synchronization license, for example, is required to use copyrighted music in audiovisual projects. The music publisher usually holds this license. A master license is also necessary for audiovisual projects, but that is generally held by the record company. Both licenses would be necessary for anyone interested in using copyrighted tracks in their film, TV commercial, or YouTube video. This time-consuming, expensive music licensing process can be skipped, however, by simply using uncopyrighted music in the first place. Every song on PremiumBeat is royalty-free and available for use after the payment of a one-time fee.
How to use uncopyrighted music?
The ways in which you use uncopyrighted music will depend on your chosen project and platform. PremiumBeat offers permissive licenses ideal for a variety of online uses.
  • Uncopyrighted Music for Twitch: If you are a videogame all-star looking to attract more followers to your livestream, try adding some uncopyrighted intro or outro music. Intro music welcomes your audience into the world of your video while outro music gracefully informs viewers the video is ending. Aim to find music that matches the mood of the game you are playing. You can search for such music using the advanced filters on PremiumBeat. Click “Genres” and scroll to the “Games” subgenre to explore music in the Adventure, 8-Bit, and Racing categories.
  • Uncopyrighted Music for Streaming: Commercial projects such as TV shows or films that will be streamed on popular platforms need music to keep up with the immense amount of competition. Try using your uncopyrighted music as a video editing aid. When you time your visual cuts with the pacing and rhythm of the music, you produce a final project that is more likely to keep the audience engaged in the action. If editing an action sequence, for example, time it so that each time a punch is thrown, a powerful drumbeat is heard. This same musical editing technique applies across film genres.
  • Uncopyrighted Music for YouTube: Smart content creators know music is key for a successful YouTube channel. Uncopyrighted music can help brand your channel and help you stand out from the crowd in a unique way. Consider the subject matter and tone of your content and then search PremiumBeat for music that matches. If you talk a fair amount in your videos and don’t want the music to distract viewers, search for background music that is lyric free by scrolling to the “Advanced” filter and selecting “Instrumental Only.”
What is royalty-free music?
Royalty-free music refers to music that one can use without paying royalties, or ongoing fees, to the intellectual property owner or creator. Instead, a one-time fee is paid to obtain a music license. This license grants the licensee the right to use the track in a specific fashion in a project. Personal use and commercial projects alike can both benefit from the addition of royalty-free music. Such projects include but are not limited to YouTube videos, films, TV shows, wedding videos, podcasts, and advertisements. After paying a one-time fee for either the Standard or Premium license on PremiumBeat, users can use their downloaded royalty-free track in a single project in perpetuity, meaning forever. This is all in direct contrast to copyrighted music, which is essentially the popular music heard on the radio. Copyrighted music requires that a user obtain multiple music licenses from various sources and then pay royalties to the original creator.
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