Tristan Barton

Establishing himself as a professional composer in 2015, Tristan Barton has become a regularly sought-after name in the world of film/TV music. His music, often described as enigmatic and thought-provoking, has become synonymous with visual media, consistently being used for commercial, TV, film and radio. In the world of advertising, Tristan's work has been used by countless major international brands such as Audi, Salvatore Ferragamo, DJI, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Zodiac, just to name a few. Although often referred to as a film composer, Tristan has also produced and performed on a number of solo artist records including; Greta Stanley, NEAV, Tayla Young. In 2021 Tristan received a finalist nomination in the category of classical contemporary at the Queensland Music Awards for his piece ‘Eris’s Debt’, and a highly commended nod for his piece ‘Momentum’ in 2022.

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