Youth Faire

YOUTHFAIRE is Julio Monterrey. A Nicaraguan native and American raised artist, musician and composer currently living in Los Angeles. Through the diligent and constant study of music styles, perspectives and approaches, YOUTHFAIRE has been at times alto saxophonist for the late great Maynard Fergson, live electronics dance music performer, composer of music for myriads of commercials and internet content, video artist, avant-garde jazz venue resident. Now, YOUTHFAIRE concentrates mostly on working with close friends and solidifying a musical approach and palette that is only honest. The fascination with modern contemporary classical music, jazz, latin, early and modern electronic music and choir writing has led to all new musical adventures. YOUTHFAIRE’s mostly used and hand played instruments are the alto saxophone, pianos, percussion synthesizers and drum machines. With virtual reinforcement from orchestral elements.

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