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Looking for free music for your videos or films? PremiumBeat has high-quality free music for every need. Listen to the free tracks and download them to enhance your creative work.

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The Benefits of Free Music

PremiumBeat’s free music is a wonderful solution for creators on a budget and for anyone who wishes to avoid the legal issues that come with using copyrighted music. Sign up and download the free tracks. You can use the free music in perpetuity for any personal or commercial projects. You’ll never have to worry about your work getting flagged on YouTube or Vimeo.

Premium Free Music

PremiumBeat’s selection of free tracks is outstanding. All of our free music has been handpicked by our in-house music team. Explore our free music collection — we’re certain you’ll find the perfect free track to elevate your next film or video project.

Finding Perfect Free Music

Finding high-quality royalty-free music has never been easier than with PremiumBeat. You will score the perfect sound in seconds with a variety of advanced filters and extensive music moods and genres. Listen to our music and pick the best sound for your project.
About Free Music
Where can I find free music?
PremiumBeat, a leading royalty-free music library, includes a free music collection that you can download in no time. Add these tracks to your cart and go through the regular checkout process. All these free tracks are covered with our Standard music license.
How can I legally use free music in videos?
All our free music tracks that you can download on PremiumBeat are covered with the PremiumBeat Standard license. This license allows you to legally use music in a number of different projects. Personal or professional usage for yourself, your clients, or your employer are all allowed. This includes internet videos, corporate videos, and non-commercially distributed projects.
How can I download free music for videos?
Free music downloaded from PremiumBeat is royalty-free. Royalty-free means that you make an initial, one-time payment and then do not need to worry about any future additional license fees. When it comes to free downloadable music, you don’t have to pay any fee. But the licensing agreement is the same that’s covered by our Standard music license. So you can use the music in perpetuity, meaning as many times as you like for as long as you like if the terms stated in the license agreement are met. Because the music in our library is licensed as royalty-free music, you would not own the music, but would have the right to use it in the ways listed in the license agreement.
How can I add free music to videos?
In order to add free music to a video, you will first need to download the free music track of your choice from the list of free tracks on PremiumBeat. Once you download the tracks to a folder on your computer, you can import the audio tracks to your video project. Importing audio is similar to how you add footage into your video editor. You can do it through the respective menu in your software or with a simple drag-and-drop.

Add the free music to the timeline as you see fit. Adjust the volume of your free music to the preferred audio levels and sync the track up with your footage. If you are happy with the result, export the final video.

Looking for something specific?

Take a deep-dive into our collection and filter tracks by music instruments.

How to use free music

Downloading free music for YouTube videos

Music can make your video content more engaging. Try PremiumBeat music by downloading free tracks and add the music to your video. Our collection of free music tracks includes a handful of uplifting tunes. You can use this music to transition from one topic to the next. You can also use a snippet of a song to emphasize a moment of humor, an important talking point, or a dramatic scene. If you want to create a fast-paced, high-energy mood, opt for a track with a higher BPM, over 100 BPM. But if your YouTube video has a slower pace, go low BPM.

Downloading free music for video editing

When it comes to using free music in video editing projects, download the whole free music list in one shot. This will allow you to test the tracks in your edit and figure out which track is the best, with no risk and no additional fees. Make full use of the shorts and loops that come together with each free track.

Downloading free music for podcasts

Free music makes an excellent addition to a podcast. You can’t go wrong when it comes to adding an intro and outro tune to your audio project. Such an intro announces the tone of your podcast and instantly ups the professional quality. Use the same audio consistently and it can become a sort of audio logo for your podcast, something listeners instantly recognize as your unique show. Just be sure the music isn’t too loud or the beat too distracting. You can also use free music for transitions. If your podcast has ad breaks, you can use music to set the ads apart from your show. Assuming your ads are about 30 seconds long, a little music set underneath the ad’s audio can help listeners stay engaged.
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Hassle-free licensing

Add free music tracks to your cart, head to checkout, and license the free tracks without paying. Creating a free cinematic soundtrack for your video project is that easy.

Free music at your fingertips

Downloading free sound is a breeze to find, thanks to our advanced search features. Just go to our music library and apply the free music filter to find the recent free tracks.

Perfect for every video project

Free music is a great tool for videographers, filmmakers, vloggers, app developers, and more. Check the list of free tracks and download your preferred ones.

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