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Wondering what the best royalty free music site might be? You’ve come to the right place. PremiumBeat houses thousands of professional quality musical tracks on our site. Listen and download today. Don’t miss a beat.

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Searching a well-designed royalty free music site should be an enjoyable experience. Thanks to PremiumBeat’s intuitive interface and advanced filter options, you can quickly and easily find your ideal tracks on our site. With so many genres to explore, you are bound to find new songs you love in no time.

Create playlists before purchasing

The best royalty free music sites provide users with a way to organize, categorize, and save their ideal playlists prior to purchasing. That way users can easily design their dream playlists, step away, and come back later to purchase the tracks they need.

Simple royalty free licenses

The best royalty free music websites have simplified the licensing process for you. Find music you love on PremiumBeat, add the tracks to your cart, head to checkout, and select one of our two flexible music license options. Download your track and you’re done. It really is that simple.
About music sites
What is the best royalty free music site?
The best royalty free music sites boast an extensive collection of diverse music tracks and an easy-to-use search engine to help you find the exact track you’re looking for. PremiumBeat has over 20,000 songs from professional musicians around the world so that every genre is represented. From Flamenco to Acid Jazz, Indie Pop to Heavy Metal, you can find all that and more on our site. Other search options include Mood (i.e. Comedy / Funny, Gentle / Light, Horror / Scary), Vocals (i.e. Oohs & Aahs, Choir / Group), and BPM (Beats Per Minute). With such specific filters at your fingertips, you can find your ideal track in moments.
How to find the best royalty free music site?
The internet is home to many royalty free music sites but they are not all created equal. Some sites lack a vetting process and accept every song that is submitted. While the number of musical tracks available on these sites may be quite high, the quality of the tracks may be rather low. Such sites generally do not check to confirm that the person who uploaded a given song is indeed the creator or rights holder. This means that if you download a song and use it in your project, there is a chance that the person who holds the rights will demand royalties. Fortunately, with a site like PremiumBeat, you never need to worry about any of the above. PremiumBeat’s submission process ensures that only the highest quality music makes it onto our site, and the person who submitted the track is indeed the rights holder. When you work with our music, you can rest assured that you are legally in the clear.
What factors should be considered when choosing a royalty free music website to buy from?
When choosing which royalty free music website to buy your tracks from, be sure to consider the purchasing options and number of tracks available. The best royalty free music sites offer different licenses to meet the needs of their customers. PremiumBeat, for example, has two flexible license plans for those interested in the purchase of a single track: the Standard license and the Premium license. After a one-time fee, both options include unlimited use of the track within your project, with the right to use the track in perpetuity. We also offer a monthly subscription plan for customers who regularly work on projects that benefit from high-quality music. With over 20,000 professionally made tracks that span a wide range of genres and subgenres, PremiumBeat is bound to have a song to suit every sort of project.
What’s the best way to buy from a royalty free music website?
The best royalty free music sites offer their users flexible license plans. PremiumBeat, for example, offers both a single purchase option and a monthly subscription plan. There are two single purchase options: the standard license and the premium license. After a $49 one-time fee, standard license users can play their song in web-based or non-commercially distributed content in perpetuity. For a $199 one-time fee, premium license users have the right to play their chosen track in a non-web advertisement or revenue-generating content in perpetuity. Then there’s the monthly subscription, which is ideal for those who regularly work on projects that benefit from the addition of music. For just $64.95 a month, subscription users get five standard license tracks a month. Every downloaded song includes the full track, as well as loops, stems, and shorts, making it that much easier to edit the song into an existing project.
Which site has the best selection of royalty free music tracks?
Some royalty free music websites accept every song that is uploaded. While such sites have a seemingly impressive number of tracks to choose from, the reality is that quality has been sacrificed for quantity. Sites like PremiumBeat, on the other hand, are more exclusive. We carefully consider every single song submitted to us to ensure that only tracks of the highest quality are accepted. Every song you hear in PremiumBeat’s diverse, curated collection is 100% original. Over a thousand independent artists from around the world have shared their music with us so that we can in turn share it with you. We keep our high standards in place so that our users are only hearing the best of the best.

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How to use music sites:

Best royalty free music sites for YouTube

The best royalty free music sites know that YouTube creators need good royalty free music and lots of it. YouTube’s Content ID checks every uploaded video against a database to ensure that no copyright infringement is taking place. Obtaining the rights to play a copyrighted song in a YouTube video is a lengthy process. The most successful YouTube channels put out content on a fairly frequent, regular basis, which means waiting around for a music license is not an option. The best royalty free music sites offer users a quick and easy licensing process so that YouTube creators can discover and download music they love in moments. With PremiumBeat’s filter options, YouTubers can specify the genre, mood, duration, and more for the songs they want for their channel. After downloading these songs from PremiumBeat, YouTubers can immediately start working their new tracks into their video content and share with the world without fear of YouTube muting or taking down their video.

Best royalty free music sites for websites

Websites come in all shapes and sizes. The best music for a kindergarten website will not be the best for a car dealership site. This is why the best royalty free music sites offer music in a wide variety of genres. Generally speaking, if looking for background music for your website, you will want to keep an ear out for tunes that are not overly distracting. Ambient, classical, or acoustic instrumental are good options. A quick search on the PremiumBeat website will show that we offer all those musical stylings and more. Website owners that want to go against the grain and catch their audience’s attention with a bang can search PremiumBeat using the BPM (Beats Per Minute) slider to find fast-paced tracks, or explore genres known for having a bit of pep in their step, such as dance or electronic.

Best royalty free music sites for videos

PremiumBeat has music to match any video project. Working on a commercial? Try searching our site by Genres and take a listen to songs in the “Corporate Inspirational” subgenre for a professional, feel-good sound. Or maybe you’re in the film world and need a song for your dramatic trailer. To find a sweeping orchestral piece sure to tug the heartstrings of your audience, simply search PremiumBeat by Mood and explore the “Romantic / Sentimental” subgenre or go to Genres and try the “Cinematic,” “Orchestral Hybrid,” or “Human Drama” options under the “Production / Film Scores” section. Once you find your perfect soundtrack, add the songs to your cart and head to checkout to select your license. Download and start editing those songs into your videos in moments.
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Free music at your fingertips

The best royalty free music sites offer free music so customers can get a taste of the delicious tracks available. Go to the PremiumBeat search engine, click the Advanced filter option, and select “Free Tracks Only” to get your samples today.

Every style of music under the sun

PremiumBeat is home to Medieval Classical, Bluegrass, Dubstep, and more. Enjoy listening to your favorite genres or get adventurous and explore genres you’ve never even heard of. You might just fall in love with a whole new sound.

Perfect for every video project

If you need catchy tunes for your video, you’ve come to the right place. Our royalty free tracks are perfect for videographers, filmmakers, vloggers, and more. Add our music to your projects and share publicly with complete peace of mind that you have the rights to use the song.

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