Simple Licensing.

PremiumBeat offers two simple royalty-free licensing options for any kind of video production. Select your project type, pay once, use forever.
Is your content web-based or non-commercially distributed? Use this license for unlimited projects, worldwide, in perpetuity.
If you are working on a non-web advertisement or on revenue-generating content, this license will cover your single project in perpetuity.
*All prices are in USD. All licenses are valid for one track and now include the Full Song, Loops and Short Clips.
Compare Our Royalty-Free Music Licenses
Not sure which licenses you need? Our handy chart lets you easily compare project types by license.
Web & CorporateIncludes YouTube, Vimeo, podcasts and social media
Apps & GamesFree
Revenue GeneratingUp to 1000 unitsUnlimited
Film & TheatricalStudent & Festival
Revenue GeneratingUp to 1000 unitsBudget < $2M
TV & RadioShowPilots & Public Broadcasting
Industrial & Point-of-SaleIncludes trade shows & showroom displaysNational
Other ProjectsIf you are working on a multi-territory campaign, studio film, or project not listed above, our team will be happy to assist you with a license customized to your needs.
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