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Simple Licensing.

PremiumBeat offers two flexible license options that include unlimited use within your project. Select your project type, pay once, use forever.

Licenses are valid for one track and include:
Full songLoopsShort clips
Stems: Edit, enhance, or remove individual instruments with stems (included where available).
Is your content web-based or non-commercially distributed? Use this license for unlimited projects, worldwide, in perpetuity.
If you are working on a non-web advertisement or on revenue-generating content, this license will cover your single project in perpetuity.
*All prices are in USD.
Compare Our Royalty-Free Music Licenses
Not sure which licenses you need? Our handy chart lets you easily compare project types by license.
Web & CorporateIncludes YouTube, Vimeo, podcasts and social media
Apps & GamesFree
Revenue GeneratingUp to 1000 unitsUnlimited
Film & TheatricalStudent & Festival
Revenue GeneratingUp to 1000 unitsBudget < $2M
TV & RadioShowPilots & Public Broadcasting
Industrial & Point-of-SaleIncludes trade shows & showroom displaysNational
Other ProjectsIf you are working on a multi-territory campaign, studio film, or project not listed above, our team will be happy to assist you with a license customized to your needs.
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