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About Logo Music
Where can I download logo music?
For amazing music created by professional designers and artists, look no further than PremiumBeat. As one of the most trusted sites in royalty-free music, when you go with PremiumBeat, you can’t go wrong. Within our library, you can easily discover excellent logo music to match the personality and tone of your brand. Use the many filter options in our search engine to find exactly what you are looking for.

First select “Audio Logos” from the “Genres” dropdown menu. From there, you can select the Mood, Instruments, and Duration you would like featured in your music. Click on a song’s title to learn more about it and to check out the 15-, 30-, and 60-second versions of the full-length track. To add to your favorites, click the heart icon. To add to a playlist, click the music note icon. That way, you can save the musical contenders and come back to them when you are ready to make a decision. When you have landed on the sound you want to be your logo music, add the track to your cart and head to checkout. Select the music license that meets your needs, pay a reasonable one-time fee, and download your song. With that license in your pocket, you are legally cleared to use the track as your logo music.
How can I get free logo music?
There are a number of music libraries that offer free logo music, but for professional music that is of the highest quality, check out PremiumBeat. Every single track in our library has been carefully selected by our team to ensure that you are only hearing the very best. To explore our free music options, go to our search engine. Look at the filters on the left side of the page and scroll down to select the “Advanced” option. Select “Free Tracks” from the corresponding dropdown menu. Your resulting songs are all free to download. Take a listen to your options. We have free tracks to match a variety of moods, from bright and shimmering songs to dance grooves.

To get a sense of how the songs might work as logo music, click a track’s title and listen to the 15-second clip, which can be further shortened in editing software after download. When you have found the free track you want to work with, add it to your cart. You will need to create or log in to a free PremiumBeat account to download your music. Abide by the rules of our music licenses and you are all set to use your track as logo music.
What kind of music do you use in an audio logo?
The sweet spot for logo music is three to five seconds. Because this is such a brief soundbite, listeners likely will not get a sense of a specific genre of music. That said, certain notes and instruments tend to work better than others when used as logo music. Brands that want to sound trustworthy should consider setting their entire logo in the key of C and use solely acoustic instruments. Wooden instruments like guitar and piano tend to evoke a natural and organic sound.

In contrast, future-oriented, technological brands may want to opt for tech-heavy sounds that feature synthesizers or other electronic instruments. The best logo music is catchy and memorable. You want consumers to enjoy the sound and effortlessly link that sound to your brand. Consider the friendly, upbeat tone of McDonald’s vocalized “Ba da ba ba ba” logo. For many, it is enough to make their mouths water! Try to opt for music with a timeless sound, as contemporary music trends can change at a rapid rate, leaving you with logo music that quickly sounds outdated.
What’s the most popular logo music?
PremiumBeat has a rich collection of logo music. Some of the most popular tracks with our music users include:

“Inspire - Technology Logo”: Light and building, this logo is perfect for technology brands that want to inspire consumers to feel confident in the products they have to offer.

“The Big Race Logo”: The heavy, pounding percussion in this logo can quickly make a strong impression on listeners. It is a great choice for brands that focus on athletics or other physically-oriented activities.

“Out of School Logo”: This bright, upbeat logo features a bell melody that wordlessly speaks to a fun time. With its carefree vibes, this logo could easily pair with a summer marketing campaign.

“Sweet Morning Acoustic Logo”: The warm and gentle acoustic guitar of this logo instantly creates a comforting mood. Brands that emphasize human connection, whether in the form of romantic relationship or family values, could utilize this logo to their benefit.

“Hula”: This logo features a shimmering synthesizer and the sounds of the wind in such a way that listeners can’t help but feel as if they are suddenly on the beach. Brands that want to create a sense of escape for their consumers can use this logo to aurally achieve their desired effect.
How to choose an audio logo?
It is often said that every brand has a voice. Whether your brand is putting forth a new podcast or video project, you want to ensure that the logo music you choose will accurately capture that voice. Begin by asking yourself what your brand is all about in order to get clear on the best sound for your logo music. You want your logo music to capture the personality of your brand in a few brief notes. Try coming up with a list of the top adjectives you would use to describe your brand, then look for music to match. PremiumBeat’s Mood filter makes that easy. From Adventure to Uplifting and everything in between, our Mood categories are here to help you find the sound you need.

Want to convey that your brand is fun and positive? Look for logos that use major chords and bright melodic structures. To express that your brand is a leader in the field, try logos that feature chord triads. Consider checking out the audio logos of some of your top competitors. What is working? What isn’t? You do not want to go with logo music that mimics a competitor. Instead, you want to be sure you have your own unique sound that sets you apart.

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Short and Sweet

While PremiumBeat features a curated list of tracks perfectly suited to be logo music, you can also use any song you love within our library. That’s because each track comes with not only the full-length song but also clips that are 15-, 30-, and 60-seconds in length. This makes editing the logo music into your project that much simpler.

Licensed for What You Need

At PremiumBeat, we have simplified the licensing process and covered all the bases so that all you need to do is choose one of our flexible and affordable licenses and pay a one-time fee to download your new logo. Our Standard and Premium licenses are suitable for most creative projects that could benefit from logo music.


Building and maintaining your own brand involves expenses that can add up quickly. Don’t let music be a financial concern. Instead, find awesome music for your brand’s logo here at PremiumBeat for an exponentially cheaper rate than you would find elsewhere. Discover your brand’s new sound in our library today.

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