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August 14, 2014
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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: 3D Billboard

Learn how to create a 3D billboard with lights in our exclusive video tutorial.

Creating textures that interact well with lights is extremely important for anyone looking to become a master at Cinema 4D. Just like in real life, textures need to be able to interact with light in order for them to be perceived as more believable.

In today’s Cinema 4D tutorial we will show you how to create some of these textures as we model a 3D billboard in Cinema 4D. We will cover a variety of Cinema 4D techniques including:

  • Luminance Textures
  • Global Illumination
  • Postioning Lights

This tutorial also comes with free Cinema 4D project files:

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial or Cinema 4D in general go ahead and ask in the comments below. I would be happy to answer them!

If you are interested in learning more about Cinema 4D check out the Cinema 4D section of the PremiumBeat blog. We have dozens of Cinema 4D tutorials with new exclusive tutorials every Thursday.

Have any questions about this tutorial? Know of any ways to make it better? Share in the comments below.

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  • vivesh ingle

    hi, how to remove that flickering effect?

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