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Cinema 4D Tutorial: Street Lamp

Sean Frangella

In this exclusive Cinema 4D video tutorial you’ll learn how to model a realistic street lamp from scratch.

Creating a 3D city scene or modeling industrial objects? The fundamentals in this video tutorial will prepare you for modeling a variety of hard surface, odd shaped objects in Cinema 4D.

Following along with the free Cinema 4D file:

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In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to use the tools within C4D – no outside plugins or models required – to generate a realistic, to-scale model of a street lamp. The street lamp in this tutorial has many of the trademarks of a realistic light including bolts, street sign attachments, and of course, a lamp/bulb.

The tutorial includes lots of little tips and workflow tricks for product/object modeling. We’d love to hear your thoughts or Cinema 4D questions in the comments below!