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FCPX Video Tutorial: Replacing and Relinking Graphics

In the following MacBreak Studio video tutorial the guys show you how to replace and relink graphics.

If you work on a lot of documentaries or corporate videos than chances are you work with a ton of graphics. But what happens when you want to change a graphic that is used multiple times throughout your entire project? You could go in and replace each graphic one by one, but this will take a lot of time. The creators of FCPX know this is an issue, so they’ve created a few ways to replace and relink graphics to to streamline your editing process. The following video will show us how to use this feature. The video covers:

  • Importing graphics
  • Replacing graphics
  • Relinking graphics
  • Pasting attributes

Adobe Premiere Pro also allows users to replace and relink footage and graphics. If you are interested in learning how to relink in Adobe Premiere check out this video by Creative Cow.

This MacBreak Studio tutorial was first shared on the Pixel Corps Youtube channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

Have any other tips for replacing graphics in FCPX?
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  • JPM Editor

    The problem of using this method is that after relinking to a second file, the master clip in the Browser is still named after the original file (the first photo imported). It would be great to have the option to “Rename the clip to match the file” after the relinking process to keep the project organized. This is a function that was available in FCP legacy and it is yet to be implemented in FCPX. I think the tutorial should have mentioned this. Other than that, very nice and informative like usual.

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