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A-List Music

A-List Music (ALM) is the music production studio of an award-winning film composer, songwriter and producer based in Louisville, KY.

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Adam Riddle Music

Adam Riddle is one of Vancouver's leading multi-instrumentalists, producers, songwriters, composers and recording engineers. He is currently working as an editor on a cartoon series, writing music for reality TV on networks such as Discovery, Nat Geo, Food Network, and compiling music for numerous music libraries. He has worked on a variety of records with many different bands and artists, including Panther & The Supafly, Glass Kites and Free City Collective.

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Adieu Adieu

Adieu Adieu have been scoring films and US network TV shows for the last few years after exploring the world as band members with various groups. Obsessed with orchestration, textures, colors and sound quality, Adieu Adieu always make sure the warmth of real instruments shine through with modern electronic elements. Bringing orchestral elements together with french chanson textures is Adieu Adieu's signature.

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Alex Beaulieu

A multi-instrumentalist, Alex runs his own music production studio. Surfing the techno-instrumental wave, his music is both organic and commercial. In addition to being a performing musician and a music teacher, Alex has created several compositions for films and theater.

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Alex Britten

Alex Britten is a composer, songwriter and producer in NYC. He writes TV underscore for various networks, writes music for ads for a few different shops, mixes commercials/web series/short films/albums with his partner at Wolf Ears Audio, recently began scoring video games, and produces bands in between. His strengths are his speed, work ethic, and a deep well of ideas.

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Sample tracks

Alex Purple

A multi-instrumentalist who's lived in New York City for 15 years, Alex's lifelong love of records has led him to strive to produce in as many styles as possible. Alex is constantly striving to master more and more diverse styles of music production.

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Alexis Messier

Alexis is a guitarist, multi instrumentalist, musical director and composer from Montréal.He has been working as a guitar player and musical director for Cirque Du Soleil for several years tourring the most prestigious venues around the world including the Madison square garden in NY and the O2 in London. He also toured with Ariane Moffat, Bernard Adamus,Daran, Guillaume Coutu Dumont, Elage Diouf and many other artists. He now lives in Montréal where he has a studio to produce music for you!

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Allegory Music

Allegory Music is a Montreal based creation studio that provides high-quality musical compositions for Film, TV, Games and Ads.

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ARTiria Productions

ARTiria Productions is a Los Angeles-based music production company specializing in writing for film, television, and visual media. Their work features a wide variety of musical styles that involve both acoustic instruments and electronic sounds.

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Aulx Studio

Aulx Studio is a Quebec city based production facility that provides original music for television, games and advertising.

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Ayden Blackbird

With a wide array of influences, a very distinctive style and a strong taste for melody and crafted musical skills, American/French artist Ayden Blackbird is surely one of the most refreshing producers at the moment. Her style is a blend of electronica, ambient and electro beat. Inspired by baroque and classical composition as well as Indian music and Japanese melodic patterns, she has composed music for many short films, advertising and sports documentaries. Her music leaves no one indifferent.

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Baby Powder

Alan Hampton is a busy man. When he's not on the road, playing bass and singing with Andrew Bird, Meshell N'Degeocello, Gretchen Parlato, and Robert Glasper, he might be in the studio, laying down tracks for Sufjan Stevens, Luke Temple, Derrick Hodge, Kendrick Scott, Esperanza Spalding, or The New Pornographers. But somehow, in between tours and takes, Hampton has also been steadily crafting his own sound.

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Badolato Music

Jorge & Guillermo form a unique team of composers, producers, and audio designers - two brothers with a passion for creating music to satisfy multiple genres and media. Their successful and recognized body of work has encompassed film, video games, television, interactive multimedia and advertising for over twenty years. Their music is featured on video games such as Kick Ass 2, Vin Diesel's Wheelman, Far Cry 3 and many more. A brief list of clients include Microsoft, Ubisoft, Midway Games, Tigon Studios, MTV, Nickelodeon, Leo Burnett, and Schweppes.

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Bahati Kiro

Starting as a Bass guitar player in the 90s, Bahati expanded his development into electronic music and production music. Mostly known for his Hip Hop and R&B compositions he also has a great sense of Lounge music.

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Ballian De Moulle

Ballian De Moulle is a composer/musician whose work exists in the film, dance and indie rock worlds. Ballian has recently performed at BAM and Lincoln Center and is in the midst of working on feature films and new performance pieces.

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Barbara Eagle

Barbara started to play violin at 8 years old. She studied both at Concordia University and McGill University. After completing her degree in musical interpretation and composition, Barbara is pursuing her career in Europe, Asia and North America.

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Beau Welsh

A collective of New York musicians and composers. They are known for living up to their name and producing music in all styles and genres.

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New Jersey-based Bedlake is a Grammy-nominated (2015) producer/engineer that taps into what makes a sound work. He enjoys writing songs that let you feel something, and his productions give you a sense of environment and emotion. Hi-fi high five.

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Ben Beiny

Ben Beiny is a composer from London, writing music for film and documentary. At age 4 he took his first violin lesson, before going on to study piano, percussion and guitar. He even admits to the odd bit of choir-boy singing. Now in his late twenties he currently produces an atmospheric mix of instrumentals, making use of subtle rhythms, with both live and electronic elements.

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Benjamin Greenspan

Benjamin Greenspan is a Los Angeles based producer, songwriter, composer, and engineer. He works with bands, solo artists, and composes music for television and film.

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Big Score Audio

Big Score Audio delivers a wide range of stellar production music tracks from their studios in Cape Town and London. Led by Matt Nicholson and featuring a team of exceptional composer and producer talent, recent credits include TV commercials for Coca Cola, Unilever, Nokia, and Vodacom, various TV series for Animal Planet, the BBC, and The Discovery Channel, plus some award-winning cinema.

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Blindfold Sound

Blinfold Sound music has been used in shows such as The O.C., The Simple Life, Real World, etc. His music has also been featured in documentary films and in TV ads for clients such as Nike, LG, Cellular South, Cliff Bar, etc.

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Boolchampion began his DJ career in 1996. He was among the first artists to participate in the creation of "GrekFrites' a Hip Hop show. In 2006 he produced his first music album dedicated to Hip Hop in France. In 2008 he started his own Label and published several opus including Dr Mabhool as well as promotional films for "Who's Next" and "Mess Around " in 2010.

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Bow Tie Music

Bow Tie Music is a composer duo split between New York and Nashville. They are focused on artfully combining organic instruments with modern production. Their music and sound design have been synchronized with visual media produced for brands such as Google, Facebook, Nike, Goodwill, National Geographic, Philips, and dozens of others. Some of this work has helped win awards from London International, One Show Interactive, Clio, Sundance, AMP, and Ciclope.

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Brass Calligraphy

Brass Calligraphy is a veteran composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

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Breakfast Candy

Breakfast Candy is a duo of music producers based in Paris, France. They produce a clean and rich sound, from electro-rock with a French touch to sweet and emotional pop music.

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Brightside Studio

Brightside Studio is a collective of musicians from all around the United States.

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Capo Productions

Fred Capozio is a composer from Montreal, he has been recording and producing music for over 10 years. Fred is an experienced piano player with a wide variety of production styles such as hip hop, house, pop and classical. His music is a unique blend between symphonic and electronic. A graduate from Trebas Institute in Sound Design, Audio Recording and Post-Production, Fred is a passionate musician dedicated to his work.

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Charlie Mac

Charlie Mac is a producer/engineer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Charlie's music has been featured in hundreds of productions: Multiple HGTV TV Shows, Multiple shows on the Travel Channel, "Man Vs. Food", & "Extreme Barhopping", multiple shows on VH1, "50 CENT" Behind the Music, & "Eddie Griffin" Going For Broke. Multiple shows on MTV, "Sucker Free Sunday's", "ABDC", Cribs, Ranked Bromances, & Room Raiders, feature film "Hard Breakers", Google Inc., BIO Channel ROBERT DENIRO, BIO Channel Eminem, & so many, many more.

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Chris Haigh

Chris Haigh is a composer from South Yorkshire England. Chris composes in lots of different styles and genres but specializes in composing Cinematic, Uplifting, Dark and thought provoking music. Chris's recent credits include National BBC Radio 1 and the International trailer campaigns for M. Night Shyamalans horror film DEVIL released by Universal Pictures and Liam Neesons 2011 Thriller, UNKNOWN released by Warner Brothers

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Churchyard Productions

"Churchyard Productions is a Los Angeles based musical duo comprised of Berklee alumni Kyle VandeKerkhoff and Shane Grace Allen. Kyle, has worked with such artists as Dr. Dre, Avicii and Lenny Kravitz. Shane, a vocalist, pianist and songwriter previously collaborated with award-winning film score duo Stenfert Charles Their collective influences range from garage rock to electro-pop and everything in between."

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Cloud Revolution

Cloud Revolution is a Los Angeles based production squad with years of experience in eclectic forward thinking music for advertising, sports and soundtracks. They dig pushing boundaries while keeping it real.

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Colin Fraser

Colin Fraser is a young composer/songwriter based in Inverness, in the Highlands of Scotland. He came to widespread attention fronting indie-rock band, Jyrojets. Building an impressive early CV with the five-piece, Fraser penned three top 30 Indie Chart singles for the group and toured extensively across the UK, the US, mainland Europe and Russia. Following the band?s split, Fraser continued to develop his craft and has since forged a strong reputation writing for various types of media. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, he has been commissioned by a broad range of film and TV clients. To date, his portfolio includes, ' Berghaus', 'ITV 2?, 'Sky 1?, 'The Dark Horse' Trailer, 'BBC America?s BritBus Tour' & 'Arany Azok' Beer.

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Crescent Music

Eren Eralp is a Turkish composer, music producer and sound designer. He studied classical guitar and composition. He has had years of stage experience and collaborates with well known artists in Turkey. Currently he is working in his studio composing songs for media; advertising, TV shows, and film scoring. He is particularly interested in combining sounds of the East with sounds from the West.

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Cymatix are a young and mesmerizing duo settled in Montreal. They have mastered the field with almost a decade of experience in gaming, corporate and artistic projects. Working with the latest tools and equipment in sound technology and engineering, their cutting-edge techniques deliver music production, mixing and mastering for personal, corporate and business purposes.

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Dan Brown Jr

Dan Brown Jr is quickly making a name for himself as a dynamic media composer and multi-instrumentalist in Los Angeles, CA. His compositions are regularly featured on TV?s biggest networks such as CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Food Network, Mojo Brands Media and many more are sure to follow.

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Dan Phillipson

Dan Phillipson lives in the North-West of England and has been writing music professionally for a few years now, after studying contemporary music at university and graduating in 2007. Dan works with various music libraries and publishers and is also building up a reputation for providing excellent custom written music for advertising, film & tv. Dan always strives to improve as a writer and producer and is looking forward to creating some exciting new music.

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David Hamilton

Born in Chicago in 1984, Mr. Hamilton began studying piano at the age of four, and has been performing and composing ever since. His compositions and orchestrations can be heard in a variety of motion pictures, television shows, musicals, and national advertisement campaigns. Mr. Hamilton received his Bachelor of Music in Composition for Film and Television with highest honors from Northwestern University and his Master of Music in Film Scoring from New York University. Also an accomplished conductor, David has directed many film scores and musicals, and currently serves as music director of the Los Angeles based Subito Strings ensemble.

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Deer Room

Scot is a producer, composer, and multi instrumentalist from Los Angeles, California. He spends the majority of his time making records with artists who have a similar passion. He also really likes squirrels, and hopes to one day have one as a pet.

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Delicate Beats

Delicate Beats is a music production duo from Montreal Canada: brothers JT and Louis. They have been composing music professionally for more than 10 years. Their musical style is eclectic, but they specialize in Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Orchestral and Electronica.

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Denis Couture

Denis Couture works as an arranger, composer and producer for film, radio and television projects. His style range from soft electronic moods to full orchestral sounds. He also specialise in blending exotic or unconventional instruments to create truly original material.

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Jean-Daniel Alain (DJridu) is passionate about music composition. He also sings, plays piano, guitar, bass and trumpet. His fluid style blends well with visual presentations such as films, advertising, video games or websites.

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DnRtracks consists of composers Roland Rudzitis and David Flavin. Both have been composing, arranging, teaching and performing for over 25 years. They have composed a variety of music nationally and internationally. Their music can be found in documentaries, TV shows, commercials, radio, film, and numerous miscellaneous settings.

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Dominik Schwarzer

Dominik is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Hamburg, Germany. He has had placements in major trailer productions, including "Dallas Buyers Club" and "Philomena," the latter of which won him a Music+Sound award 2014 for best use of production music.

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Doo Dah Music

LA based writing team

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Dope Lab

Coming soon

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Sample tracks

Dorian Charnis

Dorian Charnis began his musical studies at an early age. He studied composition at the Manhattan School of Music before attending Berklee College of Music, where he received a BM in Film Scoring. In 2005 he was presented with the Alf Clausen Award for composition. Currently, Dorian works from his home studio in Los Angeles as a freelance composer for film and TV. In addition to a growing number of film credits, his music can be heard on a variety of television program all around the world.

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Dov Waterman

Dov Waterman works out of his sound pod Forksound based in London. Dov is a multi talented musician who has scored music for a number of acclaimed films and documentaries. With a rich classical background and a great love of ethnic and electronic music alike, his music has been described as organic and atmospheric, combining different textures using digital, orchestral and exotic instruments to create a rich tapestry of sound. Dov is also a talented remixer and electronic music producer and has collaborated on numerous projects in Britain and abroad, notable amongst these is with BBC World Music Award winners MOMO.

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Dr. Hollywood

Yuval Semo is a New York based music composer and producer dedicated towards creation and production of orignal music score tightly to film, broadcast, interactive new media and advertizing

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Elaphant Music

Andy and Sam are guitarist/songwriters who have been working together for a year. They both love tacos and rocking out

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Eldorado is the moniker for Brooklyn-based pianist/synthesist Frank LoCrasto. He has performed and recorded extensively as a side man and leader since the early 2000's with several artists including Pat Martino, James Iha, Jeremy Pelt, and Greg Osby. He has also composed and recorded original scores for independent films and appears on over 30 records as a sideman.

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Elliot Middleton

Elliot Middleton expresses his experiences through the medium of music. With a cinematic sound, his music is tailored to accompany Motion Picture Advertising and Sync Licensing.

View all tracks by Elliot Middleton

Emily Klassen

Emily Klassen is a freelance composer based in Kingston, ON. She is a 2-time winner of the SOCAN Young Audio-Visual Composer Awards for Best Musical Theme. In 2016 she graduated from the Canadian Film Centre's Slaight Music Residency in Toronto and attended the Berlinale Talents Campus Sound Lab. She composes for film, television, commercial, games, web series, corporate videos, and music libraries.

View all tracks by Emily Klassen

Emmett Cooke

Emmett Cooke is the Irish Composer behind "Music for Media" and composes for film, TV and video games. His music includes powerful and dark tracks perfect for crime scenes, Sci Fi wars, and murder and mayhem, but also presents a number of elegant solo and duet piano pieces reflecting the playful inventiveness of Elfman or scenes expressing melancholy and romance. Emmett's music has been picked up by a number of large networks such as CBS, ABC and MSNBC and his style is instantly recognisable when heard.

View all tracks by Emmett Cooke

Eternity Bro

Eternity Bro is based in Marfa, TX. A multi-instrumentalist, he formally studied jazz piano and later music composition/technology. He has toured internationally with bands and owned a recording studio but is currently enjoying the simplicity, landscape and art of far west Texas, focusing on his composition.

View all tracks by Eternity Bro

Evan MacDonald

Evan MacDonald is a music composer from Montreal. He discovered his love for writing music early on. Now in his mid twenties, Evan holds a Master?s degree in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games from Berklee College of Music. Always in pursuit of knowledge, Evan is most passionate about connecting and collaborating with other creators to help drive innovation in multimedia.

View all tracks by Evan MacDonald

EverBliss Music

EverBliss Music delivers a wide range of production music tracks from their studios in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. Led by composer Gilad Benamram, global projects include feature film scores and various TV series and commercial campaigns.

View all tracks by EverBliss Music


Evocativ are two former EDM producers whose current objective is to share deep, soulful and atmospheric music. They experiment with many styles and elements, from ambient to progressive rock and electronic genres.

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As a sideman, Bill?s beats are in large demand on stage and in the studio. . Artists he has worked with include Andrew Bird, Lauren Hill, Norah Jones, Robin McKelle, James Iha (of the Smashing Pumpkins), Charlie Hunter, Josh Mease (aka Lapland), Alan Hampton, Jenny Scheinman, Lucius, and Joel Frahm.

View all tracks by Faberge

Fanta Nelida

West Coast Artist specializing in Mexican Pop

View all tracks by Fanta Nelida

Flash Fluharty

Flash Fluharty is a multi-instrumentalist music writer and recorder. He lives in Glassel Park and plays Japanese instruments from the 1960s. He is a touring drummer, writes songs with bands, does commercial work in the warm California sun.

View all tracks by Flash Fluharty

Francesco D'Andrea

Francesco D'Andrea is an Italian composer, music producer and sound designer. He works for cinema, videogames, television and advertising. Francesco is an acclaimed multi-slyle composer and multi-instrumentalist. He's thankful to blues hero B.B. King who once shook his hands, and to all those people and artists who inspired him across his life and carreer. His clients include: Nestlè, Nokia, Sony Bmg Italy, RAI, Magic Pictures, Touche Etoile, Virtway, Karkadann Games, Fishing Cactus, Tsunami music, Redworld media, Yolk-Sg, Kurechii Studio and many others.

View all tracks by Francesco D'Andrea

Full Bird Music

As a recording musician, Wes Costello excels across many genres. Guitar player by trade, he is a session guitarist for Score Concept, recording and composing music for a variety of commercials and films in a demanding studio environment. Wes has a great passion for music and is rooted in blues, rock, pop, and contemporary film score styles.

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Gentle Fire Studio

Gentle Fire Studio is a producer and composer working in Montreal.

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GG Riggs

GG has had a notable career to-date, earning the reputation as one of the hottest up-and-coming producers in music. Making his mark in the studios of Atlanta, Riggs combines muscular beats with live and electronic instruments to create his unique blend of Pop, EDM and Hip-Hop. He currently resides in California.

View all tracks by GG Riggs

Good News Tunes

Good News Tunes is a Los Angeles based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

View all tracks by Good News Tunes

Grace Mesa

Grace Mesa is a production team comprised of singer-songwriter Shane Allen of electronic act "DANKE" and multi-instrumentalist Isaac Carpenter of "Awolnation" Their dynamic musical influences and quirky style, coupled with their indie-pop sensibility make this duo unique and refreshing in their approach to commercial music.

View all tracks by Grace Mesa

Gramophone Musique

Founded en 1997, Gramophone musique works mostly for advertising agencies, films, television series and websites. Their clients include Air Miles, Chrysler, Ford, Gatorade, Molson, Nissan, Radio-Canada.

View all tracks by Gramophone Musique


DJ, Radio host and compulsive record collector, Grandom's music encompasses a wide range of styles with his own trademark analog keyboard sound.

View all tracks by Grandom


A two-time Emmy® nominee, Gyom's eclectic music has been used in blockbuster movies, TV shows and commercials, phone apps, and advertising and branding campaigns around the world. With the highest level of production from start to finish, all of Gyom's music is performed, tracked and mixed at his residential studio.

View all tracks by Gyom

Haim Mazar

Haim is a Hollywood-based film composer with a vast list of film and TV credits under his belt. Born in the US and grew up in Israel, Haim brings to the world his unique and very eclectic style of music. In addition to being a composer and orchestrator, Haim is also an established pianist and he incorporates his piano skills into almost everything he writes, whether it's a large orchestral piece, jazz, latin, or classical music. Due to the eclectic nature of Haim's music, it has been used not only on the big screen but as well for TV shows, commercial spots, corporations, and movie trailers.

View all tracks by Haim Mazar

Harpo Marks

Harpo Marks is the alias for NY based composer and producer Matt Whyte. Matt has toured and produced a variety of his own projects. Additionally Matt produces other bands and continues to write and produce music for film and tv projects.

View all tracks by Harpo Marks


Hartley is a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter and composer whose music has been featured in nationally aired commercials. She regularly collaborates with producers and composers writing in various styles including folk, pop, indie, latin and country.

View all tracks by Hartley

Heather Fenoughty

Heather Fenoughty is an award-winning freelance composer and sound designer. She has scored feature films and documentaries for the BBC and ITV, and her credits also include nearly 100 short films including a BAFTA-nominated drama, many for the UK Film Council. Many of these have won awards at international film festivals, including several awards for Sound and Music. She was Composer-In-Residence for the Arthur C. Clarke Awards, 2009.

View all tracks by Heather Fenoughty

Hereafter Music

Connery M. A. started his journey into creating music at the age of 12. Pursuing a lifelong passion, he mainly produces chillout electronic music filled with warm and gentle sounds.

View all tracks by Hereafter Music

Hi Hat Brothers

The Hi Hat Brothers specialize in creating the most up to date music tracks.

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Sample tracks


Hutchison studied music at McGill University in Montreal. Since 1999, he has dedicated his career to composing music for cinema, television, and multi-media presentations. Extremely versatile, his music can be fun and light for an uplifting event, or moodier when the context demands it.

View all tracks by Hutchison

Ian Dorsch

Ian Dorsch is a GANG award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Washington State USA. He specializes in music for video games, but his work has been featured in everything from film to web video. As composer for The Escapist Magazine, Ian has written theme music for some of the most viewed web videos of all time, and his game music can be heard in everything from award-winning independent games to upcoming releases from Microsoft Game Studios.

View all tracks by Ian Dorsch


Born in Sarajevo Bosnia, and growing up in a musicians' family, Igor offers you a blend of Balkan traditional music and his own compositions. Currently he is living in Quebec, Canada working hard on the local scene.

View all tracks by Igor

Immersive Music

Immersive Music provides creative high quality music in a variety of genres with a main focus on uplifting, inspiring, powerful, dramatic cinematic music.

View all tracks by Immersive Music

Indigo Music

A highly respected and in-demand composer and sound designer, UK artist Dan Selby?s work has been heard all over British television throughout the last decade. Among his many credits, he has scored long-running favorites like the ITV series "Countrywise" and "Countrywise Kitchen," the children?s BBC game show "Fee Fi Fo Yum," and the ITV1 series "Wild Britain with Ray Mears." Dan's work for video games is no less impressive, with clients including Sony (Destruction Derby Raw, Wipeout Fusion), Codemasters (Micro Machines V4), and Empire Interactive (Mashed).

View all tracks by Indigo Music

J-F Magnet

JF Magnet has been an active player in several Musical projects such as Les Jardiniers, Gigi Transistor, New Electric Dog, as well as a solo artist. Starting literally in his basement, JF composed his first music at 14 years old in the early 80s. Ever since he has kept up with the evolution of programmed music.

View all tracks by J-F Magnet

Jacques Marquette

Jacques Marquette feels most at peace in the confines of a recording studio with as many musical toys at his disposal as possible. With the ability to produce material in a vast array of genres with a sense of confidence and control, he is someone you want in your corner.

View all tracks by Jacques Marquette
Sample tracks

Jake Silver

acob Silver is a grammy-nominated and oscar-winning bassist (upright and electric), but also works as a recording engineer, producer, composer, and booking agent. He has performed or collaborated with many prominent and award-winning musicians, including Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Natalie Merchant, The Mammals, Andrew Bird, Lee Fields and The Expressions, Emmylou Harris, Gary Karr, Rushad Eggleston, Christina Courtin, Aoife O'Donovan, and Tao Rodriquez-Seeger, among others.

View all tracks by Jake Silver

JAM Studio

JAM Studio is a team of unique and cutting edge composers, music producers, sound engineers and directors led by owners Yossi Cohen and Avishay Goren. With an innovative approach to music and sound, together they provide a strong and versatile background in genres ranging from classical to electronic to ethnic to pop music.

View all tracks by JAM Studio

James Barrow

As a classical guitarist James Barrow performs a repertoire of the world's most well loved baroque, classical, romantic and impressionist favorites especially for that fateful walk up and down the aisle.

View all tracks by James Barrow

James Langevin

James Langevin graduated in 2003 from the Piano Performance Program at the Glenn Gould School of Music, where he studied with concert pianist Andrew Burashko. He has been employed as a pianist with the National Ballet School of Canada since 2003, and is a frequent guest accompanist with Canada?s National Ballet. He also plays for the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theater. James creates top quality piano recordings, original works and music for film and TV.

View all tracks by James Langevin

Jayson Zambito

Jayson Zambito began his musical career as a drummer for several punk rock bands, when he later discovered his passion for film and video game scoring. His inspirations include; film scores, progressive rock and metal, modern classical, and Portuguese Fado, when combined together create his own eclectic style.

View all tracks by Jayson Zambito

Jef Charles Creative

Jef Charles Creative is a composer from British Columbia, Canada who has been composing and arranging for over 10 years. He specializes in virtual instruments and has mastered the latest technologies to create music in almost every genre for feature length films, shorts, corporate videos, and theatrical productions. His primary focus is to ensure the unique quality of each work so that it is melodic and memorable in its own way.

View all tracks by Jef Charles Creative

Jerome Lamasset

Jerome Lamasset is a French folk and acoustic guitarist and composer, with a specialization in Moroccan, Eastern European, and African music.

View all tracks by Jerome Lamasset

Jim Chappell

Since the independent release of his breakthrough solo piano collection Tender Ritual on the Unspeakable Freedom Music label, Jim has been acknowledged as one of contemporary music?s most engaging composers and performers. With 15 albums to his credit, Chappell has toured world-wide to sold out audiences, his concerts being filmed and nationally televised. Several of Jim?s albums have received heavy national and international airplay on Smooth Jazz format radio stations, with Chappell?s Over the Top making it to No. 1 on the national charts.

View all tracks by Jim Chappell

Joe Sacco

Joe is a multi-instrumentalist who runs his own production studio in Niagara Falls. He has played in bands who shared the stage with April Wine, Smash Mouth, I Mother Earth and Moist. He also played bass with Neil Berg's 100 Years Of Broadway Band which starred Carter Calvert, Chuck Wagner, Ron Bohmer and Rebecca Pitcher. Joe also worked locally with The Trews, Deadmau5, and Paul & Dave of the band Wave. His production "It's A Call" is aired on radio across Canada with all proceeds going towards the Mike Strange "Box Run" for cancer, that continues where Terry Fox left off.

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Joel Martinson

Joel Martinson is dedicated to creating musical scores for T.V., film, video games, documentaries and advertisements; he has recently developed a creative line of music specifically for massage boutiques. He believes that music is an all encompassing part of culture, communication and worship.

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Pete is a lover not a fighter. He comes with a passion for all things Brazil, a good glass of Pinot and a long bike ride through this city. His music tastes are as varied as the spices in his kitchen cupboard.

View all tracks by Johanze
Sample tracks

John Lowell Anderson

Born in San Clemente, CA, John Lowell Anderson is a singer/songwriter/composer now based in Los Angeles. Growing up by the ocean has guided his music, inspiring flowing melodies and familiar rhythms. His works ranges from guitar picking-driven Americana folk songs to challenging film scores. He has scored 2 award winning films. John has performs around Los Angeles and is currently working on his next full album.

View all tracks by John Lowell Anderson

Jon Lawson

Jon has been involved in music from the age of 7. He started out playing guitar and then went on to writing music at the age of 15. After playing in a number of bands for several years he decided to pursue writing music for TV/Film and in 2005 he moved to Los Angeles to establish himself in the industry. Jon?s music has been on such TV programs as American Idol Rewind (FOX), America?s Got Talent (NBC) Opray Winfrey?s Big Give( ABC), The Amazing Race (CBS). His music is a great addition for TV, film, and corporate video.

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Josquin des Pres

When you turn on MTV, VH1, CW network, CNN, NBC, TMZ, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, History, Ellen deGeneres, Tyra Banks, Lopez Tonight, Extra and numerous others, chances are you may hear some of Josquin des Pres? music. As a prolific composer Josquin has consistently maintained the respect of his peers throughout the music industry. His business success spans over 4 decades collaborating with some of the biggest names in music. His credits range from writing numerous songs with legendary lyricist Bernie Taupin (of Elton John fame), producing hundreds of artists, composing music for film and TV, to developing young talented artists and preparing them to be presented to the industry.

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Julian Bell

Having worked with the late Michael Jackson since 2002, Julian Bell is a Dance, House, Pop, and Hip Hop producer with a skill for constructing catchy and memorable hooks. As a child of the New Wave 80's genre, his musical style pays homage to the sensual rhythm-oriented beats and captivating riffs of that time while still sounding fresh and current. Julian has extensive experience as a bassist and DJ, and his music can be heard on some of the best contemporary music labels and commercial projects. He's headline several European dance music festivals. His sound is constantly evolving and his tracks are in step with today's Film, TV, and Commercial industries.

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Junhak Lee

Junhak Lee, production music and solo piano music composer in South Korea composes various instrumental music in a broad range of genres. He learned to play the piano and violin and mainly composes new age, easy listening, acoustic, ethnic music and soothing, meditational and relaxing solo piano music.

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K-Lo Music

Roy Kariok graduated with honors from the renowned Berklee College of Music In Boston. Since his move to Los Angeles, Roy continues to pursue his career as a composer and a guitar player. He was fortunate to tour with different artists all over the world, including Toni Braxton, the Backstreet Boys, Natalia Lesz, Paula Valstein, MOSHAV and more.

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Kevin Woods is based in Philadelphia, USA. He is a classically trained musician with over 20 years of experience writing and producing electronic music. Constantly exploring and evolving his concepts of creativity; his signature style is a spirited combination of syncopated rhythms, synthesizer lines and orchestration.

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Kensington Studios

James Cleare is an Berklee College of Music trained songwriter, session player, and touring musician. As a multi-instrumentalist, James has sung or played guitar, bass, drums, or keyboards in a variety of different groups over the last decade. He has been actively writing music for a decade with styles ranging from folk, acoustic, and Americana to blues, rock and pop.

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Koma Karma

Koma Karma is more then just a musician or a producer, he has a musical soul. Renowned for his versatility as a producer, Koma Karma stands out with a collection of collaboration on albums in Canadian/European markets with indy and major labels: Warner Music Group, Sony BMG, 7e Ciel records, High Life Musik, DEP... He's also work on many TV/radio commercial and TV shows.

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Krisztian Vass

Krisztian Vass is a London-based composer, sound designer and musician who creates original music for Film, TV, and Commercials. He mixes Rock, Pop, Ambient, and Dramatic elements with his handmade sound designs to achieve a fresh and unique sound. From airy and atmospheric pieces to heavy guitars and suspenseful cinematic tracks, Krisztian's contemporary music spans a wide range of moods and styles.

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Kyle Booth

Kyle Booth has worked on a diverse range of media projects including Film & film trailers, Short & Full length features and promotional videos. Kyle has been involved in different mediums and aspects of music since the young age of 11 when he first picked up the guitar.

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La Cigale

La Cigale started his career as a visual artist. He then discovered the magical ways of expressing himself through music. His journey into sound began. He then studied classical guitar at UQAM University in Quebec and explored several music styles from free electro improvisation to country music. He is composing for plays, documentaries, fiction and dance shows.

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Lee Miller

Lee Darkin-Miller is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who has written, performed and studied a wide variety of music including jazz, orchestral, rock, electronic and soundtrack. He studied composition for film at university and has since composed for over 100 projects in TV, advertising, film, video games & animation. He is a broadly experienced multi instrumentalist with a natural musical ability.

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Levan Iordanishvili

Levan is a Los Angeles based composer specializing in music for video games, trailers and film. He founded Vel9 Studios in May 2007 and has since provided music for over fifty projects. Levan is also a graduate of New York University's Music Composition program. 

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Liam Aidan

Liam Aidan is a highly sought after composer, creating tracks that exemplify the cutting edge of modern popular music. He's created tracks for top networks like A&E, Discovery and Fox Sports. In addition, his work has been featured on many international television series including Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Real World and Nitro Circus, to name a few. He recently rose to the top of the Beatport and Billboard Next Big Sound charts with tracks that utilize his signature sound of big beats and modern pop elements.

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Lighthouse Productions

Born in 1981 in Victoria BC, Canada, Ted Gowans has been a musician as far back as he can remember. He recalls his first instrument being a set of drums made up of empty buckets, trash can lids and whatever else he could find to hit and irritate his mother. HIs Professional career has consisted of working on studio albums and touring with 3 time juno winners Tegan and Sara, Hannah Georgas, and Kathryn Calder just to name a few. Now living in Los Angeles he has been working as a producer, composer and music director with some of the biggest up and coming acts in North America.

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Lost Harmonies

Lost Harmonies is a German composer for trailers, movies, games and media.

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A lifelong musician, engineer, and producer from Virginia, LZO (ley-zee oh) enjoys a wide variety of styles and instrumentation. Vibe and character are what sets his tracks apart.

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M Musik

Masterful guitarist and recording artist M. Musik has worked on and off stage with many well known Canadian artists such as Shania Twain, Kevin Parent, Andree Waters, Marie-Chantal Toupin, Richard Seguin, Laurence Jalbert, France d?Amour, etc. Whether he is composing rock, blues, trip hop or chill out music, his versatile style is always guitar rich.

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Mad Horse

Adam has toured with people William Fitzsimmons, Rachel Yamagata and is an established Producer in the Los Angeles area.

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Magnetize Music

Magnetize Music tries to capture feelings and turn them into melody and sound. With tracks ranging from atmospheric soundscapes to straight up pop hits. Growing up in the eastern part of Holland, they are inspired musically by the natural beauty that surrounds them.

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Marc C. Nichols Productions

Marc C. Nichols has been producing, composing and engineering sound for more than 20 years. He has received recognition for his production skills from many top executives in the Canadian Music Industry, with Gold and Double Platinum albums for his contributions to songwriting and music production on several projects.

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Marc Walloch

Hailing from the Windy City, Marc Walloch is a seasoned songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who now resides in Los Angeles. Marc?s extensive music career and success is rooted in his former Indie-Rock outfit, Company Of Thieves. Marc has played guitar for Juliette Lewis, composed various commercial works, co-written for other artists, and is also a session guitarist and bassist. He is the current bassist for multi platinum electronic rock band AWOLNATION.

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Artist based in Cyprus specializing in traditional Greek music.

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Martin Haene

Martin Haene composes high quality music for media such as commercials, films, corporate movies and other uses. Recent works include music for Film & TV such as "Melrose Place", "Bring It On" (Universal), various Lion's Gate Films (Warrior, Frankenhood) as well as commercials and TV series on networks such as ABC, NBC, and CW TV.

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Martin Riopel

Martin started learning saxophone at 12 years old in high school. His parents offered him a guitar on his thirteenth anniversary. Thanks to bands like U2, The Cure, Depeche Mode, INXS and Rush, he developed a real passion for today's music. That lead him to College to study jazz and pop music. His first band opus climbed the charts of rock and alternative radio stations. In1999 Martin founded the Music Academy of Lorraine.

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Marvels on Mars

Marvels on Mars are a group of composers, producers, and sound designers based in Seattle, WA, including Daniel Caldwell and Clark Rhee.

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Material Music

We're a Brooklyn, New York based music studio writing and producing original music soundtracks for film and television. Headed by Oli Chang (of High Highs & Animal Feelings) we create bespoke music for a wide range of projects.

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Matsu Take

The Matsu Take ensemble is performing Japanese chamber classical and contemporary music, as well as folk songs. Japanese classical music is considered by many as a meditation music, especially the solo repertory of the shakuhachi, which is originally one of meditation music. Japanese music has a profound serenity, while deeply linked to nature and spirituality. The name "Matsu Take" means pine and bamboo, two of the most significant trees in Japanese symbolism and mythology.

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Mattijs Muller

Mattijs Muller started releasing dance records in the 2000's, then switched to jingles, audio imaging and radio commercials. Nowadays he spends most of his studio time on instrumental music for web-video, film and TV. His favourite production genres are hiphop, dance and pop, and outside his studio he enjoys listening to roots reggae.

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Max Brodie

Max Brodie is a media composer from the UK. Max works from his studio ?The Box Studio? where he specializes in music composition and sound design for video. His work can be found throughout the media world wide. Some of his recent clients include; Miller Lite and Jet 2 Holidays.

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Micco Productions

A.K.A. Agogo productions, has produced and composed over 800 jingles for national advertisers such as Coke, GM, MacDonalds, Kellogg, Volkswagen etc.. winning numerous awards. Micco Productions has also composed the music of over 20 feature films and many tv shows, M.O.W. and docs. His highly inspired and eclectic style is confirmed by his ability to explore musical colors from classical score to pop , from acoustic to electro.

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Michael Brandon

Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Composer and Producer Michael Brandon lives in New York City. As a seasoned performer and teacher of Eastern European folk music, he has toured the world and gained an international following. As a composer, Brandon has written in a variety of folk and classical styles, earning him a number of commissions and artist grants.

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Mojo Handful

Matt Howes and Dan M.T. Slatter write pop music and bespoke tracks for TV and film. Serendipity is a fine thing. A few years ago they found themselves living next door to each other, and discovered the music they wrote together was diverse and nonsensical, and occasionally quite marvellous. They?ve already written theme tunes for shows on ITV and Channel 4 in the UK, bespoke music for Hollywood horror movies, and had music placed on Radio 1.

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Monorama Studio

Monorama Studio is a music production and scoring studio founded by multi-media composer Julien Manaud. Located in Montreal, they are impassioned by both analog and digital technology and specialize in music for feature films and advertising.

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Monsieur Seb

Monsieur Seb is passionate about music since his early childhood. Drum player and DJ for 25 years, he has been producing his own music since the year 2000. Monsieur Seb brings World Beat music and eclectic Dance grooves to our library.

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Monty Taylor

Monty Taylor is a London based songwriter and producer, writing and producing in a range of different genres for artists, TV and advert sync. He also has a vast amount of experience in session work, touring and musical directing. His client list includes artists and companies such as Lauren Aquilina, Orla Gartland, Dove, E! Network and Soft Light City.

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Pascal Lamarche is Musicalman, a well known multi-instrumentalist artist. At 5 years old Pascal began studying classical piano. As a young man he also studied guitar and worked as a music teacher for 8 years. Since 2000 he has been producing music for corporations such as Ford, Mercedes, Bombardier, etc. in his own studio.

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MVM Productions

MvM Productions is based in London, UK and specializes in music, audio post and sound design for film, television, video games and advertising. MvM started over 15 years ago out of a deep passion for sound and music. This passion continues to be the driving force in everything they do.

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Nationalfred started his music career with a Gibson guitar and one of the first polyphonic synthesizer in the mid 80's. After graduating from Montreal University he created a band and went on tour in America and Europe for 6 years. He now pursues a solo career composing for TV and movies.

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Nebulous Sound

Nebulous Sound is a Toronto based composer, He's created tracks for top networks like A&E, Discovery and Fox Sports and his work has been featured on many international television series.

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Nicolas Major

Nicolas Major has been working in the music industry for the last 15 years as a musician, composer, arranger and sound engineer. Bachelor in Jazz Performance at McGill University Nicolas has expanded his interests to a large range of today?s music styles : jazz, house, dance, pop, hiphop, classical, ambient, lounge and rock. Nicolas has been working has a guitar player, arranger, and mixing engineer on different CD?s (USWING (jazz), Hydrophonic (funk pop), Vincent Gosselin (pop), Shen Qi (chinese songs), Kristine (Children music).

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North Pole Studio

North Pole Studio is a special Holiday Music production undertaking. The composer is a classically trained pianist/multi-instrumentalist with years of experience composing and arranging music synchronized to visuals. His command of a variety of musical styles, from the simplest to the most elaborate, enables him to create a large spectrum of possible compositions.

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Northern Spurs

Northern Spurs is a music producer based in Montreal, Canada.

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Sample tracks

Notes Productions

Matt Nantel grew up in a musical family and has been playing several instruments since his early childhood. Besides being a live performing musician he also composes music in his own studio for media presentations.

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Oblio is a songwriter / producer / multi - instrumentalist living in Brooklyn NY. He splits his time touring, working in the recording studio, and writing for a variety of projects.

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Olive Musique

Serge Essiambre has been composing music for more than 20 years for the advertising industry, as well as for television, movies and websites. His list of clients includes Radio-Canada, Kellog, Domtar, Air Miles, Arctic Gardens, Labatt, Gatorade, and more.

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Oliver Lyu

London based composer, Oliver Lyu, currently works on composition, sound design, audio engineering, mix & mastering for feature films, short films, videos, commercials and bands. His musical range is vast and includes Orchestral/Film Music, Rock, Indie, pop, Ambient Soundscapes, Hip Hop, Dubstep and Electronic to name but a few.

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Origami Pigeon

Origami Pigeon is a writing collective, conceived of several experienced Los Angeles based musicians and composers, who joined forces with the mission of creating quality music, that has been crafted specifically with storytelling in mind. Together, they have a list of credits that range from touring with Grammy winning artist, to composing music featured on all major US networks, along with custom scores for multi-national advertising campaigns.

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Ovaco Music

Ovaco Music is an audio company developed by Lennon Bone that specializes in custom music beds, and music production.

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Sample tracks

Owen Miles

Owen Miles is an award-winning musician, composer and producer with years of experience composing multi-genre music for all forms of media.

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Sample tracks

Patrick Rundblad

Patrick Rundblad, is an independent professional composer whose main focus is film scoring, sound design, and customized music for Television, Radio and Games. Patrick is constantly seeking innovative approaches to music, and habitually self-challenges to explore new styles of instrument usage and arrangement.

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Paul Baraka

Earthly elements, astrophysics and related fields are the source of Paul Baraka's passions and catalysts for his growth as a musician and a multimedia artist. The rich sounds of his compositions and performances reflect a broad musical spirit and a penchant for exploration. The result is an expression of thought and emotion that will move you.

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Pete Morse

Pete Morse is an American multi-instrumentalist and composer who operates out of his Portland, Maine studio, Red Vault Audio Productions. He has been composing music for 20+ years and his work has been used in countless advertisements/projects for TV and Web. Classically trained growing up, Pete honed his skills as a guitarist and then started to write and record his own songs. He went onto be a music major at Skidmore College where he concentrated heavily on music composition, production, audio engineering and performance. Pete's songs are carefully crafted to create an emotional impact on it's listener. A great song mixed with exceptional production skills is what Pete can bring to any project.

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Peter McIsaac Music

A guitarist for 20 years, Peter McIsaac is a versatile and prolific composer. His love for films, television and video games has helped shape his unique hybrid style.

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Phil Gardiner

Philip Gardiner started playing classical piano from the age of nine. He continued through his teens and formed a band with school friends. From this point onwards Philip has always been involved with music, playing live and recording. He graduated with an honors degree in popular music at Barnsley in the north of England and now writes and records music for media and commercial use.

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Philippe da Silva

Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Philippe da Silva has built his creative style by blending acoustic instruments and electronic sounds. His tracks reflect his passion and love for music.

View all tracks by Philippe da Silva

Porter Productions

Steve Porter is a classically trained London based composer writing primarily in acoustic genres. With a career in publishing and as a television producer behind him, his understanding of the use and function of music in media is second to none.

View all tracks by Porter Productions

PR Music

Patrick Rioux is a talented musician who has been touring with different bands and artists for the past 12 years. He is currently working as sound Engineer for major studio's in Montreal. He composes music for video games, action movies and commercials.

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Pryor Meadows

Brett Anderson is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in the touring band Ha Ha Tonka. Specializing in guitar and mandolin, his work has been featured on several TV shows including "Nashville" and "Criminal Minds" as well as other shows on various networks including MTV and The Disney Channel.

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Quality Quest

Since early childhood Christian Andersen developed his obvious interest in music. His drumset made of pillows became a reel drumset, and soon guitar, piano and bass followed. Over time he ventured into music production and now for several years he has been a full time producer, working with composition in various genres for games, television commercials and a many other projects.

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Ray Lindo

Ray Lindo lives in the south of France. He is dealing with a variety of projects - especially video games, trailers, liveshows and films. Ray has spent 15 years as a live performer before venturing into the world of soundtrack music. It was in early 90s of the previous century when he first experienced his first home studio. Atari gave him an incredible first approach of what would be his actual job ! With much more experience (and material!), he is now focusing on film and game industry. His tracks are created in many styles and genre, but the most important thing for him is always the mood and atmosphere, and of course, quality and emotion.

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Razmataz Sound

Sebastien Ouellet has been in the music industry for over 15 years. He has composed music for all kinds of projects and in various styles, including drum&bass;, dubstep, electro rock, electro metal, and SFX in movies and advertising.

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Reaktor Productions

Since picking up the his first guitar at age 11, there is rarely a time when you'll see Chase Horsman without one close by. Developing a keen passion and understanding of music in his teens, Chase found himself at the Berklee College of Music in Boston when he was 17. After graduating high school, he studied Sound & Music Recording at Recording Arts Canada in Montreal, QC. He is now a full-time composer/producer/musician and founder of Reaktor Productions.

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Remember The Future

Remember The Future is a Croatian musician and studio owner. Although he specialises in jazz guitar and production he has worked in many areas of the music industry. Most notably he has written music for documentaries and various experimental projects.

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Richard Canavan

Richard Canavan is a London based composer for film and television whose work has received a number of accolades over the past five years. Richard has a Bachelor of Arts degree in music production and a diploma in music technology.

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Richard Desilets

Richard Désilets creates universal and accessible music. Open to the world, Richard's compositions contain sounds from multi-ethnic instruments found in ancient Greece, Africa or Asia ? as well as modern electronic instruments. One recognizes in his work the influence of worldbeat, jazz, opera, pop, electronic and contemporary music.

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Richard Heacock

Richard has composed for UK and US TV documentaries for over 15 years. Clients include BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic, WGBH Boston and Nova.

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Rick Ivanoff

Rick is a published songwriter who writes catchy hooks and melodies in the styles of Pop, Country, Bluegrass and Soft Rock. He has performed live on Television in Toronto as well as across Canada. His songs have been recorded by different artists in Canada and the US.

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RimskyMusic makes music for love and for loneliness, for pleasure and for others. Born in 2007 in Barcelona under the hands of Salvador Fornieles & Carla Olaortua, who have both played music since they were kids, RimskyMusic creates music for advertising, animation, websites... They love music, television tales, green tea, pianos & guitars, the spring in bloom, and writing & singing while it is raining outside.

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Robert Crandall

Robert Crandall is a multi-instrumentalist, feeling at home in a wide variety of genres, from jazz and rock to classical and folk. He performs and tours regularly with many different artists and bands, and has written and recorded for several films, commercials, and television shows.

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Roberto Ignis

Composer and Sound Designer. Wide Experience in music and sound design for TV commercials, animation series, films, computer games and the like.

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Roman Zavada

Roman?s piano compositions are passionate and sensitive. His style is very fluid and upbeat, and reminiscent of the romantic days of old. His own story has some of that same feeling. His mother was a piano player, so Roman learned to play as soon as he was tall enough to reach the keys. He created his first composition ?White Lion? at age 4 and has never stopped composing. He was admitted to the Conservatory at 12, but felt confined by the Institution and chose to develop his talent independently.

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Roommate is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and touring musician. He has composed music for a multitude of TV commercials and independent films, as well as award-winning feature length movies.

View all tracks by Roommate

Ryan Carlson

Ryan has been composing music for TV, commercials, video games and short films. Ryan is always interested in new projects that will challenge and inspire him.

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Sapphire Studios

Session music duo Loren Marie has recorded extensively over a number of years a wide variety of musics, including jazz, classical, pop, rock, experimental, and brazilian. When they're not in the studio making music for PremiumBeat, they are immersed in their own solo endeavors and collaborations with other artists.

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Score Squad

Score Squad is a team of musicians, composers and sound engineers from Germany that provide high quality music covering a variety of different genres, with a main focus on dubstep with orchestra.

View all tracks by Score Squad

Scot Stewart

Scot is a producer, composer, and multi instrumentalist from Los Angeles, California. He spends the majority of his time making records with artists who have a similar passion. He also really likes squirrels, and hopes to one day have one as a pet.

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Sample tracks

Sebastien Greenberg

Sebastien Greenberg is a French multi-instrumentalist and composer who runs his own production studio in Paris. He has been evolving as producer for almost 10 years and combines muscular beats with electronic instruments to create his unique blend of pop, EDM and R&B.

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Senbei is a musician, a composer and a DJ. He was born in France and studied music at the Conservatoire de Paris. He then studied cinema in Europe and in Montreal Canada. He has composed original music for short films and produced several animation movies.

View all tracks by Senbei

Sergei Stern

Sergei Stern composes professional music for film, TV and multimedia projects, with a main focus on creating emotion through warm, catchy melodies and a unique personal touch. He currently lives in L.A.

View all tracks by Sergei Stern

Sergio Mucino

Sergio Mucino has been involved in music for more than 20 years. Composer, arranger, and performer, he's a musician that strives for memorable themes and inspiring performances. Sergio keeps himself busy working for music publishers, artists looking for instrumentalists, film and video game producers, and with his own personal projects. Be it producing in his studio or playing live, Sergio's commitment and dedication remains unscathed since his first days as a musician.

View all tracks by Sergio Mucino

Seth Imming

Seth Imming have been composing music for more than 10 years for television shows, commercials and movies. His list of clients include NFL Network, MTV and Surfrider Foundation.

View all tracks by Seth Imming

Shaun Frearson

Shaun Frearson is an English composer and multi-instrumentalist. Shaun began learning the guitar and piano over 20 years ago when he was just a young boy. His love of music led him to study music throughout his educational life, specializing in composition, performance and studio recording at University, graduating in 2000. Shaun composes in many styles and has learned how to play several instruments over the years, specialising in both orchestral and contemporary styles.

View all tracks by Shaun Frearson

Simon Charrier

Simon Charrier is a Montreal-based, award-winning composer who produces music spanning many genres, from songs to soundtracks ready for broadcast in film, television, advertising and multimedia. His credits include collaborations with top award-winning Canadian film and television composers.

View all tracks by Simon Charrier

Simon Stevens

Simon Stevens is a composer based in the South West of England. Recent scores include the thriller 'Assassin's Bullet' starring Christian Slater and Donald Sutherland and 'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin'.

View all tracks by Simon Stevens

Sirus Music

Sirus music is a Grammy award winning composer and producer based in Los Angeles. He has worked with Seal, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Josh Groban, LA Philharmonic and countless others.

View all tracks by Sirus Music

Sonny Lauderdale

Sonny Lauderdale is Florida native, jazz saxophonist connects the stylistic dots between Lester Young and Rahsaan Roland Kirk. His strengths include clarinet, flute, and analog synthesizers.

View all tracks by Sonny Lauderdale

Stephane Ostrander

A composer from northern Ontario, Stéphane Ostrander graduated with Honors in composition from McGill in 2005. He has written music for several short films and documentaries including four animated shorts for the National Film Board of Canada.

View all tracks by Stephane Ostrander

Stoney Waters

Stoney Waters is a guitar slinger based in New York City. Go find him at www.ryanscottguitar.com.

View all tracks by Stoney Waters

Stuart Rau

Classically trained in composition, songwriter and composer Stuart Rau began his musical journey at a young age. He eventually arrived behind a pair of turntables in the Seattle electronica scene spinning everything from house to hip-hop. His 10 years of experience producing and recording bands have given Stuart a unique and fresh approach to each project. Now operating out of his studio in Venice Beach, Stuart has interacted with brands like Xbox, Honda, Sony and Marvel, and continues to bring his high energy and focus to nail each and every project he is involved with.

View all tracks by Stuart Rau

Studio Le Bus

Studio Le Bus is Daniel Beja, a French guitarist with over 20 years of producing jazz, gypsy swing and balkanic music. His tracks are a dynamic fusion of traditional musical styles composed with a modern edge. Daniel?s musical acumen extends to collaborative projects as well. When not composing production music, he?s regularly on tour as a member of bands Palinka and Gypsy Cooker. The sounds of Studio Le Bus are fitting for a variety of media projects, from commercial advertisements to musical scores for feature films.

View all tracks by Studio Le Bus

Styve Bolduc

Prolific author and composer, bass player for Marie-Chantal Toupin and Andrée Watters, owner of Trax musique Studio, Styve is a solid rocker with strong gutsy compositions. Styve is with Premiumbeat.com since the early days.

View all tracks by Styve Bolduc

Sunshine Music

Sunshine went to work at one of Hollywood's top film scoring studios, Hans Zimmer?s Remote Control, where he has composed additional score for CBS? ?Cold Case?, Showtime?s ?The Tudors?, and Dreamworks? ?Megamind?. Sunshine has also scored advertising campaigns for Nintendo, Bethesda ("Skyrim", "Dishonored"), and Capcom. He has scored various Dreamworks projects including the video ride "Shrek's Adventure to Santa". He also worked with Drake and Lil Wayne to compose score for animated videos featured onscreen during their 2014 summer tour performances and scored the video game "Midway Arcade Origins", released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

View all tracks by Sunshine Music

Swan Productions

Andrew Swarbrick writes music for TV, film, and motion picture advertising. His music can be heard on various TV channels around the world, including in trailers for Mass Effect Andromeda and DreamWorks' 'Dragons.'

View all tracks by Swan Productions

Tanager Kid

Tanager Kid is a writing project of touring act and Singer-songwriter Keenan O'Meara. Tanager Kid is an extension of Keenan's textured and modern folk roots and is used as a platform to explore more horizons and genre's to fit the many needs of modern media, advertising, and film

View all tracks by Tanager Kid

Tapuz Music

Tapuz Music is a team of Los Angeles based composers producers Yossi Shakked and Shai Shaashua. Together they write and produce music for TV and film.

View all tracks by Tapuz Music

Tenacious Orchestra

Tenacious Orchestra is a collective of composers and producers specialized in orchestral underscores and music for trailers.

View all tracks by Tenacious Orchestra

The Beautiful Dreamer

The Beautiful Dreamer is a creative enterprise dedicated to interpreting the beauty of moments and experiences small and large. Located in Seattle, WA, Matthew van den Heuvel, the driving force behind the project, has been pursuing the art of music for more than half his life. Equipped with an open mind and an aspiration to elegant creation, The Beautiful Dreamer endeavors to present a listening experience that will cast a new light upon your vision or work, whether it be one of brilliance, inspiration, reflection, or peace; one that both stimulates thought, and encourages new shades of beauty to be found within.

View all tracks by The Beautiful Dreamer

The Commandeers

The Commandeers are Five & Dime's 'house band in-residency.' The backbone of 'that golden-tone sound,' the band expertly churns out soulful original numbers and often provides the soundtrack to many a martini-laced dinner party.

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The Hands Of Stone

The Hands Of Stone is a Canadian composer specializing in hip-hop, funk and R&B compositions. Born in Russia and growing up in Toronto, he was exposed to a wide array of musical styles and genres, incorporating them in his production. Having studied violin, guitar and bass, his production utilizes live instrumentation to create rich, soulful soundscapes. The Hands Of Stone has also worked with many hip-hop artists, including a Juno nominee D-Sisive, J-Live, and others.

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The Outcome

The Outcome is an uprising techno producer based out of Montreal. He has been experimenting with the electronic music since more than a decade, ranging from trip hop to techno. Few years ago, The Outcome won a remix contest in Berlin organised by a well- known techno label. Recently he successfully released his music on Archipel - a famous canadian techno label. The Outcome describes his techno music style as "deep, melodic and emotional".

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Timothy Butler

Timothy Butler has written and produced hundreds of music scores for television programs, commercials, corporate presentations and music libraries, including FitTV?s The Gym, United Way, Mastercraft, Florida Traffic School. As a performing rock and roll guitarist and bass player, Tim has shared the stage with members of The Beach Boys, The Blenders and Tesla. He is the founder of Allen Productions music and audio production.

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Tiny Music

Led by composer Florian Seraul, Tiny Music crafts intricate and memorable melodies and soundscapes that connect images to emotions and experiences. By shaping aural elements that invoke visual serenity together with a distinctive Montreal underground indie edge, Tiny Music creates the perfect sonic discourse to flow with your moving images.

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Tippy Toes

Tippy Toes is an LA based, Berklee trained, ex-New Yorker producer and multi-instrumentalist. He has composed music for TV, ads and film, produced records for indie and major label artists and toured all over the globe as a music director and guitarist.

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Todd Petersen

Todd Petersen is a California native who has been playing guitar and writing music for over 15 years. His hard rock style has placed him in studios with producer Bryan Carlstrom (Alice In Chains & Billy Idol) and has musical credits ranging from motion pictures to studio session work. Currently you can catch Todd performing with several bands on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

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Tom Deis

Thomas Deis is a music educator, performer, producer and composer. A past member of indie pop band Via Audio and current member of Lazercake, Deis has done sound design for theater, composition for film scores, and produced other international acts such as Elizabeth and the Catapult.

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Bringing together the sounds of today's cutting edge EDM combined with the balanced, lush and high-fidelity sounds of of the Pop, Hip-hop and Bass-Music worlds, Tonemassif productions aim to deliver. By fusing emotional riffs with high-caffeine, high-thrill sound design- there is no sound too big and no melody too emotional for Tonemassif. Having cut his teeth in the video-game, film and advertising industries, he calls on years of sound design knowledge and experience to create unique and thrilling works designed to meet any and all commercial media requirements.

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Trick Rick

Hailing from Montreal, Trick Rick has been making original and innovative music since 2011.

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Tristan Barton

Tristan Barton is an Australian based composer/songwriter who specialises in composing for film and multimedia. His introduction to music came at the age of 14 where he took up playing the drums. Since then, Tristan has gone on to become a university graduate in jazz and contemporary forms of drum kit performance and composition. He is a seasoned session player as well as an extremely diverse composer.

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Tristan Norton & Martin Kottmeier

After winning the world's largest battle-of-the-bands and recording an album with legendary producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Bon Jovi, Michael Buble), Tristan Norton & Martin Kottmeier began their journey into music composition for film and TV, having successfully provided original music for E's "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", History's "Pawn Stars", MTV's "Buzzin'" and more. With additional compositions for Vans Surf, NHL's Vancouver Canucks and a string of Canadian political ads, the Canadian partnership hopes to continue sharing their love for music with the world.

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Dave Gossage plays guitar, harmonica, flute and keyboard. Raised in a musical family, Dave cut his musical teeth playing in bands with his brothers. He is now very much in demand as a composer, arranger, and session player. His work has been highly praised and nominated for several awards including an Oscar and a Grammy.

Jonathan Moorman began studying the violin at the age of six. Moving to Victoria, BC at age eleven, he continued his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music. The English literature program at McGill University in 1990 introduced him to Montreal?s Irish pubs and Celtic music. Among other work, Jonathan has recorded two albums with John McDermott, called "When I Grow too Old to Dream" and "If Ye Break Faith". The first reached multi-platinum status in Canada alone.

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Ulas Pakkan

Ulas expertise and experience extend to a wide range of operations in the world of music and audio such as composition for visual media, arranging and orchestration, mixing for music , sound design, electronic music production and rock and jazz drumming. Over the years, he produced many EPs and albums ranging in styles of pop, rock, indie and dance, composed many jingles and several soundtracks.

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At the edges of the ever expanding, mutating category known as electro(nica) stands Underpass. Undeniably, the music of Underpass is crafted with precision. He pushes synths and drum machines to produce beats and melodies.

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Viljami Mehto

With a classical training in music as background, Mehto works as a composer for theatre and advertising. As a pianist and a producer he has been involved with many bands, artists and art projects in Finland and Estonia. He is also a professional DJ and works as a sound design consultant with many high-end restaurants, bars and hotels.

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Vincent Tone

Vincent Tone has been evolving as musical producer for almost 10 years. His work with established artists of the urban musical scene as well as for movies, TV shows and in the corporate market, has demonstrated his brilliant abilities as a hip-hop / pop producer. Constantly reinventing, Vincent Tone is always in search of new challenges and new horizons to explore.

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Vinny Falcone

A professional saxophone and keyboard player since 1995, Vinny is also a composer of music for advertising, theater, circus acts and record labels. His talents cover a broad spectrum of musical styles such as jazz, pop, classic, new-age, ambient and techno. His training includes MIDI programming, sound engineering, digital recording, songwriting and post production.

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Wilfred Symphony Orchestra

The Wilfred Symphony Orchestra provides unique and high quality recordings of classical music pieces for synchronization.

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Amit Ofir kick-started his career when he moved to Los Angeles in 2004 to attend the world-renowned Musician?s Institute. While obtaining an Associate Arts Degree in the Guitar Performance Program, he realized that he had an innate talent for writing songs with catchy melodies. After graduation, his love of performing for live audiences led him to connect and tour extensively with International trance artist, Dali. More recently, Amit has been focusing his energy collaborating with various up-and-coming artists both writing and producing chart topping tracks.

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Wood And Paper Music

Wood And Paper is known for using unusual sounds and instruments alongside more traditional band arrangements. This has been variously with found sound samples or instruments such as bowed saw or bass clarinet. He was quoted as ?it?s all about finding the unique creative voice of a songwriter, or a story and then finding the sounds and arrangement that match these moments

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Yan Perchuk

Yan Perchuk is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor degree in music production and engineering. Since his graduation in 2006, Yan has worked with a wide variety of artists in different musical styles and genres. In 2013 Yan Perchuk moved to Los Angeles to continue his career as a producer, film composer and mixing engineer.

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Yanis S. Sousa

After completing two B.A. degrees in music, Yanis continued his training in computer assisted sound conception. As a sousaphone player, he has been actively involved for the last twenty years on local and international stages, with groups like Tuyo, Le Dixieband, Tap Souza, Les Projectionnistes, the Orkestre des Pas Perdus and Asa Misi Nasa.

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Yann Monnet

Yann Monnet is a French composer and arranger based in Lyon, France. After studying at the Conservatoire de Lyon, he gained many years of experience creating contemporary orchestral, pop, rock, and electronic music in a rich, colorful, and distinctive style.

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Young Presidents

Young Presidents is an American based producer and composer who has traveled the world in an indie-rock band for the past 10 years. Young Presidents music has been used in commercials, TV shows, indie films, and mainstream Hollywood movies.

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Yung Sir

Yung Sir is a young and talented composer based in London, England. His sound combines influences from Electro, Europop, Dancehall, Rnb, Hip hop and Garage. Studying higher education music allowed him to expand his skills to create the diverse sound that you hear from him. His sound is unique, fresh, exciting and modern.

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Zac Nelson

Zac Nelson has a huge catalogue of infectious but thoughtful songs and instrumentals. His music encompasses advertising-friendly acoustic indie pop, orchestral soundtracks, and uplifting atmospheric underscores. Aside from production music, he collaborates with a variety of other great artists in many genres.

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Zach Nicita

Zach Nicita is a drummer/producer/composer who splits his time between New York and Los Angeles. As a drummer, he has toured the world extensively, playing major festivals, headline tours, and national television. In addition to his career as a drummer, he is an eclectic producer/writer, who specializes in hard hitting electronic music with a hip hop flare.

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Zack Hexum

Composer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Zack Hexum has written music in a variety of genres for over 80 different television programs and feature films. In addition to performing as a singer, saxophonist, pianist, and guitarist as a solo artist, he has also shared his talents as a sideman to numerous artists including Michael Bublé and Fitz and the Tantrums.

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Zenith Productions

Zenith Productions is a Montreal based music production studio that delivers high quality tracks for film, TV, games and ads with a focus on Electro Pop music.

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Zeonium is a multi instrumentalist producer and composer with over 15 years of experience. He has produced many successful records in an array of genres, and composed film trailer music for some of the biggest studios in the business.

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