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Powered by the sweet strumming sound of acoustic guitars, these folksy, uplifting royalty free tunes evoke simple, everyday joy.

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About Acoustic Music
What is acoustic music?
Acoustic music primarily uses acoustic instruments to produce sound. These acoustic instruments create sound via force that makes the instrument vibrate. They do not require any electricity or amplification. Generally, these instruments require human exertion such as breath or movement in order to create a sound.

Acoustic instruments may be broken down into categories based on how the sound is created. For example, stringed instruments such as the guitar, banjo, or violin, produce sound when a string vibrates. Wind instruments like the accordion, saxophone, or harmonica, produce sound when air vibrates through the instrument. Percussion instruments like the bongos or rattles produce sound when they are struck or shaken. Acoustic music derives its stylistic origins from folk music, a genre that traditionally consisted of rural music passed down orally from one generation to the next.

In the modern day, acoustic music may fall under the genre of pop, rock, country, hip hop, bluegrass, and beyond. It is not limited to any one mood but may instead be uplifting or nostalgic, mournful or joyful music. The music production process for acoustic music requires a lighter touch from the audio producer than what is required for synthesized music.
Where can I get royalty free acoustic music?
The internet is home to a number of different stock music sites but for a high-quality library with a vast selection, look no further than PremiumBeat. With over 20,000 tracks at your fingertips, you are sure to find the perfect beat for your project in no time. Explore by genre, sub-genre, mood, and more. Specify the instruments you want to hear, the ideal BPM (beats per minute), or song duration. If you discover a track you love, you can easily find songs with a similar sound by clicking the track’s title and scrolling down to the “More songs like this one” section.

Be sure to check back often, as our library is ever-growing thanks to the many talented contributors who regularly submit their music for consideration in the PremiumBeat collection. When you are ready to download your royalty free acoustic tracks, add them to your cart and head to checkout. Select the music license that meets your needs and pay a one-time fee for the rights to use your track. You can then download your music and incorporate the fresh beat into your project.
How to pick the perfect acoustic music?
Consider what comes to mind when you hear acoustic music. For some, acoustic tracks conjure up the image of friends gathered around a campfire for a story share. For others, it may inspire the sense of a fun road trip on a summer day, or a cozy night spent with loved ones in a winter cabin. If your video project features any of the above, then an acoustic track may be the perfect accompaniment to your visuals.

The pacing of the track also matters. If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere for your audience, a slow-paced, thoughtful acoustic track may be the way to go. If, on the other hand, you want to invigorate your audience, a fast-paced, upbeat song will be more aligned with your needs. Generally speaking, because acoustic music has an organic sound, meaning that it is not created using technology (for example, techno music), it can work well as an accompaniment for projects that feature nature-oriented organizations.
Where can I download free acoustic music?
To check out high-quality original music that is free to download, head to the PremiumBeat search engine. Look to the filters on the left side of the page and scroll down to the “Advanced” option. Click that and then select “Free Tracks” from the corresponding dropdown menu. The resulting tracks are all free to download, although the rules of our music licenses must still be followed.

A variety of genres and moods are represented in our free track selection. For something cinematic and heartfelt, check out “In the End They Parted.” For a soulful and satisfying track, check out the a cappella vocals of “Mellow Fellows.” Once you have found the free track that strikes your fancy, add it to your cart. You will need to create or log into a free account. Upon completion, head to checkout and download your chosen track. It really is that simple.
What are the best royalty free acoustic music tracks?
In the PremiumBeat library, we have acoustic tracks to match a variety of moods:
  • In the Morning Sun”: For a contemplative, heartfelt song, check out this track. Featuring classical guitar and strings, this song will have listeners swaying as if caught in a gentle breeze.
  • Kindness”: Want an upbeat track that will add a pep to your step? This song features acoustic guitar, toy piano, and pulsing drums that create a joyful, tender mood.
  • The Wood Traveler”: Craving something folksy and soothing? The earthy, easy tone of this track will leave listeners wanting to take a journey through the woods themselves.
  • Jump Into Blue”: If you want a track that sounds like the popular music you might expect to hear on the radio, check this one out. Featuring warm vocal oohs, acoustic-electric guitar, piano, and drums, this song’s encouraging mood can easily lift the spirit.
  • Mountain Path”: The combination of bright mandolin and breezy acoustic guitar paint a colorful outdoor scene in the mind’s eye of listeners.
  • Winter Cabin”: Whisk your listeners away to a winter wonderland with this comforting, peaceful track. The rustic, nostalgic folk elements will have listeners feeling as if they are cozied up fireside as snow falls outside the cabin window.

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Help Your Audience “Unplug”

Acoustic music is created without the use of electric or electronic means and is often perceived as being organic in quality. Acoustic tracks thus make an excellent addition to projects that want to convey that they are “green” by nature, or all about the human connection. Add any one of our many acoustic beats to your project to encourage your audience to slow down and take in a breath of fresh air.

Create an Atmosphere

The sweet twang of guitar strings, the gentle lilt of a human voice, or the steady heartbeat of a drum can all create a powerful atmosphere for an audience. Rustic acoustic music with folk elements can create a peaceful mood for listeners. Slower paced acoustic tracks can encourage relaxation while faster paced beats can inspire a sense of joyful adventure.

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